1 Minute Test: Quick Look At This Drawing Reveals a Lot About Your Character!

When we take a picture, we have a number of elements that help us to express what we want to have on our image: lines, textures and colors. Another time, however we are not aware of all these elements and we take a picture without paying much attention to it, we unconsciously add those elements to our compositions. An example of this is the negative space, an element with great visual force that, if used in the right way, reinforces the message of the photography.

This element, in most cases, is usually understood clearly. It seems not to have relevant information, but the truth is that it’s also an element of the composition, so using it can properly provide more interest and beauty to images . Negative space has two main features: on the one hand, it must prevent the image viewer focusing on it, it should be unnoticed. But on the other hand, it should also be visible.

Sometimes, especially if the object that we’re focused on isn’t attractive enough, it may happen that the negative space will detract the main element of the image, may even become the star of the photo itself. This can be very interesting, depends on what you want to express by the picture.

Noma Bar is an Israeli artist who loves working with element mentioned, the “negative space”. That’s called a trick in photographic composition when the bottom of a picture constitutes a separate image. Because of this feature, the numerous works of Noma Bar are very popular among all psychologists as they help to understand what happens in the soul of a person and deduct certain aspects of human’s mind.

Now look at the picture carefully and answer the question: What is the first thing that you saw?

If the first thing you saw was a chicken, it means that you have very well developed ability to concentrate on small details. You’re an observant person, but sometimes you don’t get to see the whole picture. You’re also a perfectionist and you’re always ready to improve on what you’ve done. You’re pretty good in the exact sciences.

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If, on the contrary, the first thing that you saw was the silhouette of a girl with red lips, this means that you’re a determined person. Being maximalist, you’re not used to settle what’s not complete. However, sometimes you don’t have enough patience to make all of your plans. You tend to lose interest in the task that you perform and quickly move on to something new. You prefer the humanities to mathematics.

If, finally, what you observed was the profile of a man, you are one of the few people who usually do notice that you have to rotate the drawing and look from the other side. And when you do so, you can see a man with a long nose and whiskers. Most of the people can’t see this drawing, but if you did, you have an exceptional and brilliant mind. We can say that you’re a true genius, since you’re able to see things that others can’t.

It can also happen that you’ve seen more than one figure at a time and then it means that you possess excellent analytical capabilities. It takes very little to analyze the information that you receive and you know how to make quick decisions. You’re the perfect combination of various types of personality!

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