10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle The Female Empath

An empath is defined as a person who shows ability to understand other people’s pain, their joy and share their feelings and experiences. A woman who gives too much, although she receives too little; a woman who loves unconditionally and protects man’s emotions at all costs is a perfect example of a woman empath.

Most would agree that having a woman like this is the perfect partner, right? However, what is confusing here is the fact that many empaths are single although their personality features are associated with perfection and defined as “big hearts”. The reason for this is very simple.

Empaths stay single mainly because the men they are involved in a relationship with can not handle the complexity, depth and powerful capacity of love an empath manifests. For those who did not know, empaths are people who are extremely sensitive to another person’s energy, moods, emotions and situations in a way that they take these emotions as their own.

Thus, although these superpowers are to be considered strengths, a large number of men, especially those who lack self-confidence, can not handle a woman of such character. Here are ten reasons why is this so:

1. Asking Too Many Questions

Generally, men avoid complicated discussions and hard questions in life, which very often leads to a relationship breakdown before it even started. An empathic woman who looks for somebody to share her dreams and hopes with may find it difficult and easily get disappointed because men are creatures who strive for habits and automation.

2. Too Much Honesty

Even though honesty can be devastating when it comes to relationships, empaths simply can not hold it back. Knowing that honesty can cause problems with their man, women who have strong beliefs and clearly know what they want in life simply can not avoid it even at the cost of losing their partner.

3. Knowing What You Want

Empaths never wonder about big life questions. They can clearly vision their future – who they will be when they grow up, how they are going to get there. Therefore, when other people get in their life they may feel threatened of having this person in their way and by prioritizing their life goals empaths choose the road of singledom.

4. Empathic Partners

It is very hard for average men to get into relationship with empathic person. Therefore, knowing what they want empathic persons look for meaningful relationships with multi-level complexity and one-night-stand is not what men should target in emphatic women.

5. Intimacy Matters

Empathic women are not afraid of showing their vulnerability. Sometimes, this is hard for men to deal with causing women to feel lonely more than they have hoped for. However, when an empathic woman finds a man who understands her , there will be instant click.

6. Seeing the Worst in Men

A lot of men lack self-confidence and suffer from low self-esteem and as a result they can hardly get on well with empathic women. Empaths do not stagnate or take other people as projects, they want to build themselves up by having like-minding people by their side.

They are in touch with their own feelings and their state of being to such extent that they can easily spot people struggling with low confidence issues and having difficulties finding their place in the world.

7. The Importance of Consistency

Not calling an empathic woman the day after is out of the question. Empaths prefer routines and consistency in order to develop deep and meaningful relationship. What they hate is people who break their promises.

8. Empathic Intensity

Intensity is what characterizes empaths. Empathic women burst out with intensity and do not expect them to apologize for that. It is very simple – you either get on board with them or move on.

9. It Is All Or Nothing

As soon as an empathic woman gets into a relationship there is no turning off. She loves her partner with all her heart and soul and expects the same in return. She knows what she wants and will hold onto it tight. If a man can not catch up with her love towards him, he can get scared easily and flee away before even the relationship starts.

10. Being independent

Empathic women depend on no one but themselves. They will not wait for a man to get his business together for them to be able to be together. They will not wait for a man to strengthen her place in the world even though it may mean staying single for longer than hoped. She has no problem with her choices and sticks to them so that she can feel the love she has always strived for.

Source: fully aware mind

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