10 Signs That He Loves Being Single Too Much And Can’t Commit To You

You’ve been dating this particular man for a little while already and you think that you want to move to the next phase of the relationship. You get the sense that you and he are operating on the same wavelengths regarding this matter and so you wouldn’t dare to think that there’s a problem. However, you gradually grow to discover that the relationship isn’t exactly moving at the pace and manner that you had originally wished it to. Things might not even seem to be going anywhere at all. But how can you be sure that your man is just being a little hesitant and that he’ll come around eventually? Or how can you know if he’s never going to come around at all and you should probably move on to someone who is more emotionally mature? Well, here are a few signs that you should probably give up on your man because he loves being single too much to actually commit to you.

1. He would rather make time for his friends than you.

He would much rather just go out and spend time with his friends than with you. It shows that you aren’t necessarily a romantic priority for him. Remember that time is valuable and people only ever really spend it on the things that are most important to them. So if he doesn’t want to spend too much of his time with you, then it’s probably because you aren’t so important to him.

2. He never takes the initiative to plan dates.

He doesn’t want to put in the effort involved in actually getting closer to you. If you want to get close to him, you’re going to have to be the one who really works hard.

3. He always makes you go to him, but he never goes to you.

He’s not willing to meet you halfway at all. He’s deliberately showing you that he’s not as willing to put so much effort in the relationship as you are. He wants you to do all of the work and he just wants to reap all of the rewards. He’s not interested in fighting for you at all. He’s only going to keep you in his life whenever it’s convenient to him.

4. He is constantly overeager to give you space.

He loves it whenever you ask for space because he wants that space for himself as well. He loves the fact that you still want to spend time away from him because it gives him an excuse to not constantly spend time with you either. That’s the way of the noncommittal man. He is only there for you when it’s convenient.

5. He makes a habit of canceling on dates and plans with you.

He doesn’t respect your time or your feelings. He doesn’t care how hurt you would be if he just suddenly cancelled on plans with you. He’s not invested in your relationship even though you are. He is selfish and he is only ever really thinking about his own personal desires. And these are characteristics of a noncommittal man.

6. He never sends the first text message.

Want to talk to him? Well, you’re going to have to be the one who sends the first text message because it’s highly likely that he thinks about you when you’re not around.

7. He doesn’t open up about his feelings ever.

He doesn’t want to let you all the way in because he knows that any form of openness is also vulnerability and weakness. He doesn’t want to be vulnerable to you because he’s not sure that you’re the one he actually wants to be vulnerable too. He’s just stringing you along for the superficial stuff but there’s nothing meaningful about how he feels about you.

8. He acts hot and cold with you.

He is always inconsistent with you. You can never get the kind of stability that you need from a guy you would be in a relationship with from him. He is only ever going to act nicely towards you if he needs or wants something. Otherwise, he’s practically a stranger.

9. He would rather keep you in than take you out.

He’s not really interested in dating you. He just wants the companionship and sexual pleasures that you can give to him. That’s why he would just much rather stay at home and have some sexual fun with you than take you out and have a real relationship with you.

10. He doesn’t take notice whenever you start to scale back your efforts.

It’s as if even if you completely vanish from his life, he wouldn’t care. It just goes to show how unimportant he thinks you are in his life. He doesn’t really consider you to make up a huge part of his daily life and he wouldn’t be feeling any weirdly about you just getting up and leaving. It’s as if you’re an expendable asset to him that he can easily replace.

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