11 Items That Will Ward Off Any Bad Vibes

Depending on what’s going on in the world, we’re usually on the lookout for sources of negativity. But as much as we’d love to cast them out of our lives completely, that’s easier said than done. And, for the record, we’re not totally comfortable recommending hardcore banishing spells without proper training.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spiritual cleansing products. From sage to salt, these are sure to chase away the bad vibes that have been plaguing you. Negativity can come from anywhere — that means objects, other people, and, yes, even you. It’s up to you to decide how to deal with the bad vibes that come your way, but be sure to turn your approach into a routine, since there’s no such thing as a one-and-done cleansing ritual.

Click through to get your good vibes back. Spoiler: You probably already have one of these items in your kitchen.

To calm the storm within, read this helpful zine on radical self-care. You’ll come away with expert tips on rest and herbal remedies, plus a wide range of recipes and empowering stories of justice. Sometimes, the best way to banish bad vibes from your life is to show yourself some love.


Hang this near the entrance to your home to keep you and your family safe from negative energy. This amulet, which features protective runes, is blessed before shipment, and will be personalized to fit your order.

Halite, or rock salt, is a helpful purifying stone, but it really shines in its emotional energies. Said to help quell mood swings and imbalances, this is the stone you need if you believe your negativity problem is coming from within.

Burning sage is one of the most popular and effective ways to cleanse your bedroom, office, or entire home. It’s believed that sage smoke dispels negative energy and replaces it with positivity. Side note: It’s antibacterial to boot.

If burning dried sage isn’t your thing, you can still reap this plant’s protective properties by using it in essential oil form. Anoint objects with it or add it to a diffuser — just be sure to do a spot test on anything (including your skin) ahead of time. And check with your doctor before using any essential oil, especially if you’re pregnant.

This gorgeous grid uses amethyst, clear quartz, and smoky quartz to cultivate focus and concentration. Quartz stones are known for their grounding energy, while amethyst soothes and motivates. If you’re new to using crystal grids, they’re simply arrangements of multiple types of crystals meant to target a specific goal.

Use these candles during spell work, or just keep them on your nightstand. Either way, your space will be imbued with an added layer of protection.

Therapeutic baths are already a fantastic way to recharge, but this blend of salts and herbs was made specifically to purify and flush out any bad vibes that have been following you around. You can also use the blend as a household cleaner if you think your floors need more purifying than yourself.

If sage isn’t your thing, try burning sticks of Palo Santo (which literally translates to “holy wood”). Its clearing and grounding properties will keep your home feeling safe — and it doesn’t hurt that it smells fantastic.

This crystal is like a booster for your moral compass. Its energy reminds you to listen to your inner self — and it will push you to accept the past in order to focus on what lies ahead.

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Salt the entryways to your home, salt the corners of a specific room, or just keep a bowl of salt nearby to dispel negative energy. Feel free to use this trick to justify how much salt you throw on your fries.

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