11 Major Warning Signs From The Universe You Should Not Ignore

Some of us may believe that we are terribly alone in this Kafkaesque universe. It’s a ruthless place where the very notion of God is conspicuously absent, and there’s no one to guide us to the right path, really.
We must live and die without any further consequence, and bear the weight of our worlds on our own shoulders throughout, much like Atlas in Greek mythology.

However, there’s another belief, which indicates we are not that alone after all. In fact, it goes on to suggest that we are all somehow connected in a divine consciousness. This consciousness is where we originate from, and where we have to go back after our Ego dissolves in the physical death.

Furthermore, we have access to guidance from the divine self whenever we are in need – be it in the form of divine, spiritual awakening, dream vision or synchronistic help. In lesser words, we are not that doomed.

The first perspective leads us to despair, disdain, suspicion and scepticism. We become afraid of our shortcomings, and tend to desperately cling on to our successes. We become ignorant armies who clash in the darkness of the night.

While the second perspective opens us up towards the transient nature of earthly things and in turn, makes us brave. If I believe in the Divine Guidance, I’ll know that everything given to me or taken away from me, for better or for worse, is the result of the Deus ex machina. It makes me look at life from a more positive point of view.

11 Warning Signs that You Should Never Ignore

The ego makes all the wrong decisions for us, taking us to wrong places at wrong times. Under the influence of ego, we make poor choices and do a lot of things which won’t benefit us in the long run. But you shouldn’t worry, the universe will send you signs telling you whether you need to change the course of track. These warning signs will not hurt you, but alert you so that you can bring some useful change in your life. Only pay close attention when the energy of the divine self is channeled through you.

Here are some common warning signs to tell you that something’s going wrong in your life:

Unexpected Delays
You may get stuck in a traffic jam, miss your flight or some unexpected event may stray you from your plans.

Uneasy Gut Feeling
You may feel a sense of unrest and uneasiness, and the negative gut feeling won’t go away, whatever you may have tried.

Losing Valuables
You keep losing or misplacing important documents, valuables and everyday utilities. The sudden shock of losing something alarms you.

Getting Into Fights
It’s not that you are an angry young man, and yet you’re getting into arguments, sometimes leading to nasty fights – with loved ones, or perfect strangers.

Lack of Sleep
You may be obsessed with a single thought which may disrupt your sleep cycle. In that case, you should follow your intuition first thing in the morning.

Getting Sick
Chronic sickness seems to mess your plans up and slow down your work. You may develop headaches, catch a cold or fall into depression.

Getting Clumsy
You seem to be more absent minded than usual – your mind wanders, you keep stubbing your toe while walking and can’t get things done seamlessly.

Random Premonitions
You have the feeling that something terrible is about to happen, and an anxiety follows you wherever you go. Take it as a warning.

Negative Omens
These omens are not totemic, and thus are always subjective. Whatever your mind perceives as an omen is specific within a temporal-spatial frame, and thus can’t be determined beforehand. It can be anything from a black cat to a broken traffic light, depending on the impression on your mind.

Getting Into Accidents
Accidents can be mental or physical, and they are to be considered as major warning signs telling you that you should get back on track immediately.

For some reason, things are not coming together as expected, no matter how much effort you put. You seem to struggle to achieve your goal, but it is ultimately of no use, as it doesn’t pay off.

When you encounter any of these signs stated above, consider it as warning, and follow your intuition to get back on the right track. Don’t let these signs demotivate you, as even the worst roadblock can be your greatest source of inspiration. Know that things happen for a reason, and have faith.

May the force be with you.

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