11 Powerful Signs You’re A Fierce Sorceress

Are you a sorceress? Black magic is for real and is everywhere around us but what does it take to be a witch or a sorceress?
How can you tell the signs of a sorceress? They don’t have crooked noses, coloured face full of warts, no not even the evil witches, but they definitely believe in magic.

White witches are the good ones and frequently mistaken for earth angels. One major difference between them is that witches have a deep-rooted connection to nature while angels are vital forces of the air.

Angels are the liaison between the heaven and Earth whereas sorceress are forces of the earth and are arbitrators between humans and the elemental beings. Nevertheless, both of them serve the greater good in whatever they do.

Go ahead and read the 11th science of a white witch.

1.You frequently have predictive dreams
Do your dreams come true? Are your dreams about destruction or do you meet any of the loved ones who have passed away? Your dreams may be of certain forms – particularly five pointed stars or a triangle. These forms or shapes appear in the natural world during our dreams as five petals on a flower, or a leaf which is triangular in shape.

A circle is also a trademark of sorcery since it stands for the completion of the world and eternity. A circle also denotes the moon and a sorceress is many times called as the child of the Moon because of the Goddess Diana.

2.You can easily sense the atmosphere in a room
Have you ever walked into a room full of people and get to know immediately if there has been a disagreement or difference of opinion? In a packed room, can you make out if there are friends or enemies? Can you just ‘feel’ it, if something is going wrong?

Some witches are very capable that is, they are full of ‘all feel’, ‘all sense’since they are earth and human. So, they have all the emotions just like humans.

3.You like to be in open air
Do you like to be outdoors, however the climate is? You might like to be in the open air in different parts of the day as well as night. Furthermore, you may feel as if you come alive at night.

You love the smell of cut grass or the smell of rain as it pours down. You are able to smell the snow as witches are considered to be the children of nature.

4.You are a very touchy soul
Can you feel somebody else’s physical pain or uneasiness? People may want to trust you and talk to you for some advice, or they may just want to confide in you. Because of your genuine caring nature, people feel comfortable in your company. In the olden days, white witches were considered as local counsellors. They acted as guides and mentors to solve people’s problems.

5.You are attracted to a particular animal
Remember your childhood days. Was there ever a living being such as an animal, or bird or an insect, that has always been with you, no matter where you are, maybe even on a holiday? It can be anything – a cat, a crow, a bug.

You might feel that even stray dogs follow you. These beings are called familiars, which act as your companion. They are actually the gifts from the spirit, sent to guard and protect you under each and every circumstance.

6.You love to make age old home remedies
Do you see yourself spending time in making natural herbal cures for ailments? Are you in awe of homoeopathy? You may be using some essential oil to induce sleep, or a peppermint tea to calm your nerves. Witches were well known for preparing and selling medicines. They were midwives and caregivers, long before the existence of doctors.

7.Children and animals are pulled towards you
Do you often see that kids and animals love to be around you and not their own parents? The logic behind this magnetic attraction is they can sense the magical powers in you. They know they are protected in your presence, they have faith in you.

8.You show interest in the cosmos and the solar system
You may like to watch chronicles giving information about the universe and the different planets in it. You naturally know that there is life in outer space and that everything and everybody is interconnected. You are aware that the motions of the planets affect the earth. You might also evince interest in the zodiac and the celestial bodies.

9.You have a liking to artwork and craft
You like making simple things right from candles and pots to stitching and also cooking. You have a fondness for creativity, be it in the kitchen, whipping up a new recipe or making gifts and cards for others.

10.You reuse and reprocess
You care for the world that we live in and the environment. You try to protect them whenever possible. You dote on the seasonal changes in nature and started recycling long before anyone else knew about it. You love all the seasons equally be it autumn, the winter, the spring flowers or the summer heat.

11.You have faith in greater virtues
You do everything with a golden heart. You give your best to everything. You truly believe in magic, the likelihood of fairies and other supernatural entities of the earth. On the other hand, you believe in ghosts too. You believe to a great extent that there is a good force and you are an element of it.

If you answered in the affirmative to 8 or more of the above-listed things, probably you are a witch, a white witch. A thing never to be forgotten with witchcraft is that once you are born a witch, you will always be a witch.

You have been here earlier and now the Blackmagic is finding you again, welcome it wholeheartedly. Witchcraft is not very tough, it combines with your life in a very simple way as if it was a fragment of you.

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