11 Signs You’re In the Middle of a Major Life Shift

We all go through different phases in our life, it is one big journey.

As we make our way through this journey we call life, we will move through a number of different chapters. Each is necessary to grow, progress and work towards becoming the best version of ourselves. These are like steps or building blocks, building upon one another and pushing us into new experiences and ways of thinking while continuing to focus on our purpose in this life.

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Are you currently experiencing a major life shift? Watch for these 11 signs:

1. You suddenly feel the need to settle issues from your past.

If you have any ongoing issues from your past, you may suddenly feel pressure to find a resolution. It’s not that anything has actually changed requiring you to make these changes, or that anyone else is putting pressure on you – but it is a pressure you are feeling internally. Trust your instincts and start taking the necessary steps, you will feel a huge weight off when you can finally leave the past in the past.

2. You learn to value your alone time more than ever before.

Before this shift, you may have been highly social, or you may have placed a high value on your alone time. Either way, you are now noticing that you want to spend more time escaping and recharging away from the rest of the world. Not only do you find yourself craving your alone time, but when you are on your own it feels like a natural fit.

3. Your emotions are heightened and intense.

The process of changing is going to impact every area of your life. Not only will you notice a shift in the physical and mental areas of your life, but your emotional self will also have to go through a shift. As your emotional energy changes, you may experience heightened emotions or intense mood swings. Try to keep in mind that some of these emotions have likely been bottled up for an extended period of time and the only way to release them is to first work through them.

4. You take the necessary steps to let go of harmful habits.

We all have them, those habits that we KNOW we need to move away from or reassess in our lives, however, we are so comfortable with our lives as we know them now that there is no real push to make a change. Whether you are suddenly inspired to quick smoking or eat healthier, or you find yourself scheduling in more gym time, you acknowledge that you need to let go of these negative and harmful habits in order to move into the next phase of your life.

5. You begin to witness coincidences all around you.

Your spirit guides are working to encourage and guide you through this significant life shift. In order to do so, they must find a way to connect with you and send you messages. As you begin to notice coincidences or patterns in your life, you are starting to witness this very communication. This may come in the form of repeated numbers in various areas including phone numbers, addresses, license plates, etc., or symbols. Do you see butterflies everywhere you look? Your spirit guide may be trying to tell you something.

6. You notice a significant change in your sleeping patterns.

You can learn a lot by monitoring the way that you are (or aren’t) able to sleepover a given period of time. Changes may range from minor sleep disturbances, such as taking a little longer to fall asleep or being woken up easier than normal, to more significant conditions like insomnia. Changes in energy may either cause you to struggle with your sleep, triggering insomnia, or it may cause you to feel exhausted or burnt out requiring more sleep than usual.

7. You find that you are more passionate about life than ever before.

Each of us has passions in our lives, whether it is a cause that tugs at our heartstring, a hobby that we can’t imagine giving up or a sport that dominates an important part of our lives. These individual parts of our life can make us smile and bring a great happiness to our life. With this change, however, you begin to notice that passion in more areas of your life. As this new phase begins to come together around you it is like pieces of a puzzle all falling into place, leaving you with a dream life that makes you feel happier than ever before.

8. Your life almost feels unreal.

As you go through your day you begin to feel as though your life is almost unreal or make-believe. It feels as if you are standing on the outside, looking in on your life – a life being lived by someone else entirely. From the day to day activities, to the people that you surround yourself with it – you go through life feeling like you are merely a spectator.

9. You just ‘know’ that something big is coming.

There is an excitement or anticipation that you can’t seem to shake. You have this gut feeling that something big is coming in your life that you can’t seem to explain. There is nothing specific that you can put your finger on, and you can’t quite explain it, you just ‘know.’ Remember that your intuition is a powerful gift. Trust it.

10. You feel as though something is ‘off’ or you are out of place.

As you being to experience changes in your life, this can lead to new ways of thinking about the world around you. While you may not be able to identify the exact changes that have occurred, or are in process, you do notice that something ‘feels’ different. You may start to look at things in a different way or notice that there are significant changes to your beliefs or morals. This is a natural step during a major life change.

11. Your relationships begin to change, shift and, in some cases, end.

The people in your life have been brought to you for a reason. Some will teach you important life lessons, others will guide you on your specific life path. For this reason, it should come as no shock that a change in your life can lead to a change to the people that you attract. You may find that once close friendships begin to fall apart, and some relationships will even come to an end, however, you will also meet new people for this new phase of your life.

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