12 Types Of Guys You’re Attracted To (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

Whether or not you have a long list of ex-boyfriends or ex-lovers, more likely than not your romantic history will share a few things in common (for better or for worse). While it could just be something you chalk up to as you having a “type”, maybe it’s actually written in the stars! Whether or not you truly believe in and follow your horoscope and the zodiac, it might be worth noting that perhaps your Aries or Pisces brain falls for the same kind of guy over and over again – sometimes despite your better judgement. While these guys aren’t always right for you, sometimes you just can’t deny yourself. The heart wants what it wants, after all.

Perhaps you find yourself lusting over the tall, dark, and handsome, or maybe you’re more into sensitive, introspective poets. But, perhaps it’s not just the looks that get your motor running – it’s the personality within. Are the guys in this article meant to be your potential soulmate? Maybe, maybe not – but it’ll definitely be fun to find out! Do any of these types match your romantic history for your star sign? Let us know!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

As an Aries, chances are you’re pretty stubborn and impulsive. Things are your way or the highway and you are not about to compromise on your independence, especially not for romance. With such a strong personality, you need a guy who can handle your fire without trying to put it out or dampen your spirits. That explains why you might be drawn to the more “macho” or masculine types, who like to show off in social environments – while showing you off as well.

You’re not one for wallflowers, because you want a guy with confidence who is just as aggressive with his lovemaking as he is in his professional life, and that ambition and sense of adventure is a major turn-on for you. You’re not into homebodies or the kind of dude who just wants to Netflix and chill – you want a guy who can have fun with you outside of the bedroom before he rocks your world in it.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus ladies are sensual women with big appetites. You love the absolute best in things, from food to fashion to love, and you expect to receive nothing less. Being treated like a princess is a big deal for you, which is why you’re into the type of guy who can worship you without letting you walk all over him.

You’re all about pleasure, which is why the kind of guy you’re most drawn to oozes sex appeal. This guy probably has a few women who are waiting for him in the wings, but as a Taurus, your determination and matching sensuality ensure that you’ll be the one who captures his heart. While you’re busy indulging most of your whims, your ideal man is patient with you, and happy to come along for the ride. The guy for a Taurus girl is strong-willed and sexually aggressive, and every moment you share together will feel like the most delicious sort of guilty pleasure.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The girl who’s a Gemini is about as bubbly and social as they get. The sign of the twins, Geminis have a lust for life and are all about being playful and silly, which is why you’re more likely to be into guys who can help you have a good time! Humour is a major turn on for you, and you’re not interested in a guy who might be considered boring or too serious. Instead, you’re looking for a man who can keep up with your pop culture references and teach you things through good conversation. Your fascination with his brain is what draws you in the most, but you’re also not usually content with only one guy. As the sign of the twins, the Gemini girl likes having fun with more than one guy at a time, because it keeps her mind engaged and lets her have fun while maintaining some independence. Just be sure to use that love of communication to let your guys know that you’re double-dipping!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are prone to being sensitive and understanding – sometimes to a fault. You prefer to have deep, meaningful relationships, but your desire to get so serious so quickly sometimes pushes people away. However, you’ve learned from your mistakes and found yourself attracted to guys who can match your level of sensitivity.

Ultimately, you’re looking for a healthy, long-lasting relationship, which is why Cancers are drawn to guys who can offer that sort of stability. Sensitivity and security are your biggest turn-ons, because you can let yourself get vulnerable – which makes your time together in the bedroom that much more intense. Letting yourself go when you feel safe to do so means your private moments are extra-intimate. Your favourite type of guy is the kind who lets you open up to him, both outside of and inside of the bedroom, which means you get a deep connection that is both sexually and emotionally satisfying.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Girl, you’re not only a lion in the stars, but you are in bed, too! You have an ego that likes to be stroked, which is why you’re always on the lookout for a man who is comfortable letting you shine. Your relationships are usually fiery and passionate, for better or for worse, and you often have a long string of ex-lovers with enough dramatic stories that would make Taylor Swift jealous.

You prefer a guy who can admire you and take you out to fine restaurants or on fun adventures, but who still lets you call the shots. You’re usually swept off your feet by a guy who has charm to burn and is a grade-A flirt, because it’s that type of smooth-talking that makes you feel puffed up and proud. While Leo ladies like being the centre of attention, they also are lavish with their own affections, which is why you’re mostly drawn to those who give as much as they get.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos often get a bad rep for being one of the more practical and stable-minded signs, but in romantic relationships, Virgos are just keeping all their intense feelings bottled up. It can be hard for Virgo vixens to open up in a new relationship, which is why they prefer patient, introspective guys who can draw them out of their shells. They tend to be attracted to guys who have a quiet determination as opposed to those who need a pat on the back for every little achievement.

Virgos like having their life laid out in a certain way, which is why they prefer men who can respect their boundaries, while also testing them once they’ve received their trust. Virgos are the type of sign to get wrapped up in anxiety, so they need a guy who can calm them down when they’re spiralling into inner turmoil. While a Virgo’s relationship might be seen as serene by some, she’s actually a pretty frisky lady once she feels comfortable.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

If you have a friend who is often the source of conversation, or the person to whom a room turns, or an excellent party organizer, she’s probably a Libra. Known for being gifted socially, Libras need a man who can match them in their energy levels – which is why Libras often end up with other Libras!

Well-educated in culture and constantly looking for the next hottest thing, Libras are attracted to people who can keep up with them and draw more people into their vibrant social circle. Guys who are charming, outgoing, and the life of the party are the number one choice for Libras, which is why they might also find themselves swooning over grand, romantic gestures like public proposals and declarations of love – which they adore. Loyalty and being romantic are major turn-ons for Libras, who are the type to Instagram their wedding ring with sweet notes about their beloved soulmate.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpios are known for being sexy and mysterious, but they are also one of the most challenging signs because of their fiery temper and borderline obsessive behaviour. Instead of looking for a man to neutralize that fire, Scorpios are most attracted to those who can match it. Sexually magnetic, Scorpios think with parts other than their brain or heart first, so ladies of this star sign often choose men who are not always a great pick for them.

While Scorpio women need a guy who can be patient with their need for control and crazy emotions, they are often more drawn to men who can spar with them in both the bedroom and the boardroom. They find themselves most attracted to men with wit and intelligence whose sharpened tongues can also be used elsewhere (if you know what they mean). Dark humour and sex appeal are major turn-ons for a Scorpio, and many pairings with this star sign have flames to burn.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Where the Scorpio is temperamental, the Sagittarius is easygoing. A major advocate for adventure and freedom, Sagittarius ladies look for a man who wants to come along for the ride. Rather than be a tagalong, though, she is drawn to the kind of guy who can share in her adventures and join her in getting high on life.

Sagittarius ladies tend to prefer men who can also be their best friends, because they look for life partners and serious relationships more than they do flings, and friendship is a major part of this star sign. These women are more into steady partners who can keep the fun and spontaneity in life, but who don’t always need to be the centre of attention. Travelling and exploring the world is a major turn-on for the Sagittarius, which also might explain why they’re the sign that is most attracted to men with foreign accents.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Work hard, play hard is the motto of the Capricorn, who are the most ambitious of the zodiac signs. These ladies are smart and serious, and they’re generally attracted to the same type. While they are usually better off with the kind of guy who can infuse some fun in their lives, Capricorns are attracted to what they love most: ambition. Nothing is sexier to a Capricorn that a hard-working man who takes pride in what they do. This need for a man who is well-established in his career might translate into an affection for older men, but it’s not a case of daddy issues – it’s the power and status that turn you on.

Capricorns generally take a while to show their affections, but once they get involved, they play for keeps. A Capricorn is more than a little stubborn, which is why they look for a man who can match their strong will.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Being an Aquarius means being unpredictable and spontaneous, which is why this sign is most attracted to the guy who is a bit of a rebel. These women are so not into the cookie-cutter type of men, which may have caused some friction among friends and family in the past, because their romantic ideal never plays by the rules. Aquarius ladies are often drawn to men who are both creative and charming, which is why artists and musicians are a major source of crushes, even if they’re not all that financially or emotionally stable.

Aquarius ladies are willing to experiment in their lives, both inside and outside of the bedroom, which is why they look for guys who are unconventional in the hopes that they can match their tastes. A man who can experiment with and challenge the Aquarius woman is a real winner and a constant source of interest and affection.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Your head is usually in the clouds when you’re a dreamer like a Pisces, and you tend to prefer guys with big ideas and romantic ideals just like you. This isn’t always a good thing, because the sensitive and nurturing Pisces is also often drawn to works-in-progress. They like the kind of guys who can be described as “fixer-uppers”, because they want to be the woman to save them. But on the other hand, they also dream about having a knight in shining armour rescue them and sweep them off their feet.

Romance is the number one turn-on for a Pisces girl, and sweet gestures and romantic moments go a long way for this star sign. A sensitive and loving zodiac, Pisces ladies are looking for a man who can take care of them and who they can take care of. Mutual affection and love are a major necessity for the Pisces.

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