14 Signs He’s Not In Love, You’re Just Convenient

It is important to note if your guy is taking you for granted and using you just for fun. If this is the case, know that you deserve better and look somewhere else.

#1.Not So Interested:

A guy will not show the level of interest which is needed in a relationship if he is just there for a fling and is just passing time. By taking an interest, we mean to say that your guy should know your aspirations, skills and goals.

#2.Not Ready To Compromise:

A relationship works only when two people sacrifice their petty selves for the greater good of the relationship. This means that showing true affection and love tends to be a sure sign of a healthy relationship and one should be able to sacrifice for the person they love. If your guy is non-compromising, then he is definitely just wasting your time.

#3.King of Excuses:

Guys who consider you just a thing for joy will definitely make excuses for being too busy all the time. They will be always busy when you need them but will make you spend time with them even when you are genuinely busy.
“God, You Are Hot!”

If the guy you are with shows more interest in your figure and less in your personality, interests and goals, then he is a complete douchebag and you need to walk out that door as soon as possible.

#4.No Efforts Whatsoever:

A relationship is a two-way street in which both the parties have to put in equal effort. Thus if you feel as if you have to put in the major effort such as compromise and sacrifice, then he is just there for fun. Your relationship will be the last need to the person who is just in it for the sake of entertainment since it doesn’t make a difference to him.

#5.His Happiness is Everything:

His own joy and happiness will always take priority over you. Furthermore, for his happiness, he would frequently need you around, overlooking your own particular timetable. Moreover, he will be there for you when it is advantageous for him, he will need you around when it is helpful for him.

#6.He Calls You When He Needs You:

He only contacts you or talks to you on call when he needs you. The guys who are only there for your body and not your heart will call you only when they need you. A guy who truly cherishes you will call you up and tell you that he misses you.

#7.Runs Away From Socializing With Your Lot:

A guy who is just passing his time with you will flee from your family gatherings or would avoid socializing with your friends or family and give faltering reasons for it. A guy who truly loves you will struggle to get to know us. Demonstrating no enthusiasm for families and companions implies that he is definitely not serious about you.

#8.No Sharing:

He will never share his emotions or past experiences with you because that will make him vulnerable and it is a sign that he does not want you to know much about him.

#9.The Typical Jealous Guy:

This sign is the worst, yet it is the clearest. A guy who is passing time with you will be a typical jealous guy who will want you to stay away from talking to any other guy, however, on his part, he will be doing just the opposite. A guy who loves you will trust you and understand that you need to socialize.

#10.Has To Run:

Whenever it comes to talking about your day or something that means to you, he gets easily bored and runs away by making an excuse. Then whether it is asking him for a favor or asking him to talk to you because you are down, he will always make an excuse and run away.

#11.It’s All About Him:

He rarely mentions you when he is planning about his future. This is a sign that he plans to not take the relationship any further. If this happens, talk to him about it and leave the relationship.


A healthy relationship involves sharing the major experiences of your life together, meeting new friends and family members and going to new places together. If this does not happen, then he is definitely just passing time with you.

#13.Always The Right One:

He always claims to be right when it comes to making decisions because he takes advantage of the situation and without confronting you, makes the decision which he thinks is right.

#14.Forever Ready To Be Physical:

This sign is, of course, the most obvious sign. He is literally more invested in having sex with you than spending quality time with you. A guy who truly cares about you will never run after sex and will invest his time in understanding you.

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