15 Reasons Why The Part Tomboy, Part Girly-Girl Is The Best Kind Of Girl

When you date a girl who identifies as part tomboy/part girly-girl, you’re in for a real treat.  You get the best of both worlds and the best of both girls, all wrapped up and topped with a cute pink snapback.

She cleans up well. While you’ll grow accustomed to her sloppy top-bun, she still knows how to get dolled up and look like a movie star. She’s versatile and therefore very interesting.

She’s openminded. Whether that means being open to new experiences (playing basketball with you) or not being afraid to try new things (like a mixed print outfit combo). There’s no risk of stagnation with a girl like this.

Her humor is crude. You’ll constantly be laughing together, and your friends will think she’s a riot. You can never predict what’s going to come out of your tomboy/girl-girl’s mouth.

She isn’t afraid to eat. She adores pizza and beer. She doesn’t feels obligated to order “dainty” food when you two go out to eat, either. In fact she might steal the hot wings off your plate (but you can be sure she’ll daintily wipe her mouth with a napkin).

She can get down and dirty with the best of them. Skating, surfing, fishing… You name it, she’s down. Hanging out with your girl can be like hanging out with one of the guys (a better-smelling one, of course).

She doesn’t care what people think. She’s not trying to impress anyone. This means she’s usually happy with herself, content with life, and infects you with her self-satisfied mood.

She knows how to dish it. ….as well as take it. Your sarcasm will be thrown right back in your face, so make sure you bring your A game.

Her feathers aren’t easily ruffled. The little things don’t bug her much; she’s levelheaded and knows what things are worth getting upset over. Expect a tomboy/girly-girl to roll with the punches like no other.

But she has a sensitive side as well. She isn’t afraid to shower you with affection when the time is right. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside: that’s your girl.

She’s just one of the guys. Except she smells good and shaves. She probably doesn’t burp quite as much either.

She’s not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. Hey, someone has to do it. Expect to learn from your girl, because she won’t mince words.

Your mom and dad will love her. So will your sisters and brothers. They’ll just be happy you’ve found such an interesting, dynamic girl.

She likes hitting the gym occasionally, but isn’t a health nut. “Why, yes, babe, I will have another McDouble. Thanks for offering.” Isn’t it great when someone can be health conscious but not obsessed, and chow down without pigging out?

She likes “guy” things. Football genuinely excites her and she’s always down to kick your ass in a game of Call of Duty. Plus her manicure looks awesome holding the controller.

She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. She stands up for what she believes in and is always ready to voice her opinion at the drop of a hat. Your tomboy/girly-girl is proud of who she is and never afraid to defend herself when necessary — which she can do with gusto.

Source: Rebel Circus

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