18 Stunning Engagement Rings That Aren’t Diamonds

Not all brides go for the classical clear diamond engagement rings anymore nowadays, it appears that the engagement ring styles have expanded.

A lot of engagement rings are being sold on Etsy, where changes in fashion trends or beauty trends are frequently first noticed. The experts at Etsy claim that colorful gemstones, opals, stackable rings, and raw stones are becoming more trendy in the bridal section as the brides seem to want to go for a more casual, subtle look.

The advantages of this shift are that these rings are significantly less expensive than the traditional diamond ring while the purchasers support small businesses at the same time.

However, the fact that these rings might be less flashy than the classical diamond, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a bold ring. Whatever your taste is, perhaps these beauties from Etsy can give you some inspiration.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring, LoveRings Design
Topaz Stacking Ring Set, Shop Clementine
Opal Halo Engagement Ring, Michellia Designs
Raw Purple Sapphire Ring, Alison Titus Jewelry
But secretly has a heart of gold. 💖Get it from The Fox And Stone on Amazon Handmade for $224.99.
from The Fox And Stone on Amazon
An iridescent raw opal ring that’s a little rough around the edges.
It's pretty flippin' neat.Get it from Arosha on Amazon Handmade for $295. Also available with a white pearl.
A statement black pearl ring
Get it from Arosha
✨✨✨Get it from Minimal VS on Etsy for $480+.

A watermelon tourmaline ring
Get it from Minimal VS on Etsy

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