20 Nicknames To Call Your Man If Your Tired Of Calling Him Babe

Using babe and hubby can just get really boring after a while, so here are some suggestions that will not only will freshen up your nickname list but also make him grin from ear to ear.

Here are some cheesy ones that will give him a chuckle for sure. He will be wondering what he did to deserve such a charismatic and fun woman.

By Liset Rivet








Here are a few suggestions you can actually say in public. They are short and simple and great names of endearment:








Or maybe your husband is the hunky, attractive kind. The one that squeezes in some gym time in during his busy day. Maybe your husband is actually the Hulk!







And lastly, here are some nicknames for the sensitive husband that just wants to be romantic and cuddle up with you on a couch.







Keep in mind that you don’t need to kiss your man to show him some affection – sometimes a sweet nickname does the trick. As his lovely wife, I suggest you take full advantage of giving your mister a whole bunch of darling nicknames.

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