3 Zodiac Signs That Will Have The Absolute Worst New Moon In Virgo This Weekend

Personally, my favorite phases of the lunar cycle are the waning stages and the new moon. Watching our celestial body of light fade into the night unleashes a period of meditation, release, and reflection that I receive with open arms. While the full moon can feel overwhelming and intense, the new moon feels as though a weight has been lifted off my chest, and setting a fresh intention just fills my heart with positivity. Although the new moon is an opportunity to start over and look deep within yourself, it’s not always an easy experience. In fact, a particularly troubling new moon can even leave you feeling empty, hollow, and restless. Remember this when I say that these zodiac signs will have the worst new moon in Virgo 2018: Leo, Aquarius, and Pisces. If your rising sign happens to be in any of these sign, the lunation might be an even more powerful experience for you.

After so many eclipses and retrogrades, these zodiac signs might feel like they’ve been to hell and back. Starting over after so much chaos can leave even the strongest people confused. Deciding where to go next is not always the easiest decision to make. If you’re feeling lost when the new moon takes place on Sept. 9, remember that even if it doesn’t seem like it, the universe is always guiding you.


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After going through so many transformative eclipses this summer, the new moon in Virgo is a chance to start fresh and begin moving forward. However, if your life has been particularly chaotic lately, the new moon might make you feel like you’re looking in a mirror and struggling to love what you see. Occurring in your second house of finance, luxury, and comfort, the analytical Virgo moon will force you to take a good look at the flaws in your relationship with wealth and security. Are you spending too much money on frivolous things? Are you not working hard enough to create stability in your world?

Whether you’re running low on funds or rethinking your idea of prosperity, it’s bound to be a deeply introspective experience. Start thinking about the ways in which you need to start putting in more effort. You might need to make a serious change.


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Coming away from the intense blood moon in Aquarius that changed our universe back in July, you’re still reeling from a serious shift in your journey. When the new moon in Virgo darkens your eighth house of transformation and rebirth, it’s even more clear that a chapter of your life is ending. However, you’re in the process of being reborn, and soon, you will be stronger and more powerful than you’ve ever been before. But first, you must engage with your shadows and all the fears that you’d rather avoid. Healing isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a dark and gritty process.

On this new moon in Virgo, you’ll be forced to sift through the skeletons in your closet and forgive yourself. Set yourself free from guilt and learn to love your flaws. Nobody’s perfect.


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Because this new moon in Virgo forms an opposition with Neptune — your ruling planet — there’s a strong chance that instead of feeling filled with clarity, your mind will be fogged up with confusion and false ideas. The danger of Neptune is the way it skews the truth, making the good seem bad and the bad seem good. Since this new moon occurs in your seventh house of partnerships, you can expect strange energy to surge throughout your closest relationships. You might have trouble seeing a difficult situation clearly, making it that much harder to know what your next move should be.

If you’re feeling disconnected to reality, it’s important to get out of your head, talk to someone you trust, and find ways to ground yourself. It can be as simple as taking a walk when your thoughts become overwhelming or writing an entry in your journal.

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