4 Techniques For Breaking Up Energy Blocks From Outdated Habits and Thoughts

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Is your life stalling out rather than growing and changing in ways you want it to go? One of the following techniques can help you break up energy blocks and inharmonic patterns to get the fresh new energy moving through you. It’s time to get in the flow again creating the opportunity for positive growth in your life.

Our lives are the composite result of our habitual thoughts and actions. What is it that you do every day frequently? What thoughts and judgments do you accept and reinforce daily? What stories do you regularly weave to yourself about life and then share continuously with others? How do you feel every time you go to the places you need to like school, work, or home? Are you aware that the feelings running through your body are distributed by different neurotransmitters from the brain into the bloodstream, and they break down in 90-seconds once released? Did you know the substances these neurotransmitters break-down into actually signal your body’s cells to grow stronger or weaker depending on whether they are positive or negative emotions?

These are profound considerations if never examined because they imply we are literally killing ourselves by practicing habits of negative focus over time. On the flipside, we are nurturing the very things our besides need to survive and thrive when we nourish the positive nature of our being. How can we stop the negative habits then? It’s actually more simple than you may think. Although sometimes the changes in behavior may not be easy, they are powerfully simple and effective. For starters, you need only pick frequent habits that leave you with feeling positive emotions at more frequent intervals throughout the day. The more often time is spent in these states, the more often our body translates these states into wellness, both physically and mentally. This in turn, over time, opens our consciousness to inspiration and new ideas more and more readily.

Energy Blocks NinjaYour Mental Ninja

Do you have to change everything about your life in order to accommodate these practices? No. Not even close. In fact, you could keep doing nearly everything the same physically, and just change up your thinking a bit. Choose to tap into your mental ninja to chop through the negative chatter, and watch how throughout the course of the day everything changes from the inside out. It’s easiest to combine both physical changes with mental exercises to clear our stress, break up energy blocks, and get out of subjective ruts.

4 Techniques For Breaking Up Energy Blocks

First Technique – Awareness
The first technique or mental skill is awareness, which is gained by observing yourself over the course of a week or more. Use a journal, either physical or digital in some format that works for you and you feel completely safe and free to speak openly with yourself there. The more immediately you can write down a frequent feeling or thought, the more accurate you will be with it for later examination. This technique works well to get to the root of the problem from the logical side of our consciousness. The problem is we often overlook the fact that we spent a great deal of time ignoring how we felt and what effect that was having on our body.

Second Technique – Actions
The second technique or mental skill is action. Notice how you perform simple actions—or the lack of performing them such as walking past the dishes in the sink or full trash bag. Do you perform simple cleaning and maintenance tasks easily and with great effort or with loathing procrastination? Even something as simple as how you walk, stand, or sit can greatly affect how you feel and therefore your health. One exercise to practice this skill is to clean your home, and as you do so imagine you are cleaning out all the negativity in your life. It’s a living metaphor you are conditioning yourself to experience through the work of taking out the trash, washing the dishes, sweeping the floors, etc. Any simple repetitive task like this can be used to anchor cognitive reframing so it feels good rather than bad. As you shift the reason in your thinking about your daily activities to be in line with a more enthusiastic or positive feeling, completing each task activates the reward circuits in the brain translating into health, wealth, and abundance over time. If you examine how you sit, stand, and walk, and honestly reflect on how you feel as you do each of these, begin trying new postures and movements to see how you feel in your body when you do. Notice which ones leave you feeling tired, alert, open or vulnerable, closed off or safe. Adjust according to what you need.

Energy Blocks VisualizeThird Technique – Visualization
The third technique or mental skill for overcoming energy blocks is imagination or visualization. Either term works for this purpose—seeing a different vision inside your mind than what you see with eyes open. The best everyday exercise of this skill is every time you wash yourself, your hands, or use the bathroom you can imagine that all heaviness and negativity inside you is a dark mass that is flowing out of you and down the drain as you breathe out, and that light is flowing in from above, filling you with lightness and positive energy as you breathe in. You can do the visualization at any time, but making it a habit when you do those things will keep your energy clean and flowing positively.

Fourth Technique – Evaluation and Re-evaluation
The fourth technique or mental skill to leave behind energy blocks for good is evaluation and re-evaluation. At least once a week if not once a day, review the week or day before and anything older that is still unresolved with the intention of opening yourself up to new ways to look at the problems that repeat themselves. You don’t need to do anything except continue practicing the other techniques while regularly coming back to this practice. This will open you up to new perspectives and inspired ideas the more frequently you practice it. These new perspectives and ideas will be the key to permanent shifts in your life and overall wellbeing.

So, therefore, to blast through energy blocks once and for all nurture awareness through taking notes of frequent thoughts and feelings, as well as habits and patterns of action and how they feel. Then couple those notes with frequent visualization to get the bad feelings out and good feelings in as well as frequently intentionally opening up to new insight to completely shift your experience of life without having to change too much of the physical activities you love. Then through reflection and evaluation, you can refine these practices on a regular basis to become the powerful co-creator of positive abundance that you are meant to be. Give it a shot for a week, a month, a year and then see where you are in your growth compared to where you were when you started.

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