400-Year-Old Shark Found in the Arctic Being the Oldest Discovered Living Vertebrate

A new record is set for the oldest living vertebrate by a 400-year-old shark who was found in Greenland 

An astonishing discovery was made by scientists who found a shark whose age is at least 392 years old. The shark was found in the Arctic region, Greenland, and he might very well be the oldest living vertebrate on planet Earth. The research was published in the Science journal.

The extremely old shark could have been born as early as 1505, according to researchers that measured the animal. The shark could live in temperatures less than -1 degree Celcius, weigh more than a ton and swim as deep as 7,200 feet.

The shark measured 18ft in length, as stated in reports. Because of this length, researches could state that he can be anywhere between 272 and 512 years old. Reason being that these species grow at a rate of 1 cm a year.

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