400-Year-Old Shark Found in the Arctic Being the Oldest Living Vertebrate

A 400-year-old Greenland shark, which would have reached maturity at around 150 years, sets a new record for being the oldest living vertebrate.

Scientists have made a startling discovery where they have found a shark whose age was estimated to be at least 392 years. Yes, a Greenland shark has been found in the Arctic region and could very well be the oldest living vertebrate on the planet. The research is published in the journal Science.

The researchers have measured the creature and estimated that it could be born as early as 1505. Known to live in temperature less than -1 degree Celcius, these creatures can swim as deep as 7,200 feet and weigh more than a tonne.

According to reports, the shark measured 18ft in length. It is this length which reportedly can mean the shark can be anywhere between 272 to 512 years old, as this species grows at a rate of 1 cm a year.


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Greenland sharks (Somniosus microcephalus) are commonly parasitized by the copepod Ommatokoita elongata. This parasite latches on to the shark’s eye and destroys the corneal tissue, rendering the shark partially blind. Luckily for the shark, light rarely penetrates the deep waters it prefers and so it relies on other sensory systems to get around and find prey. photo found by @kate31b – – – #oceanicwildlifeconservation #oceanicwildlife #saveourocean #nature #ocean #oceanlife #shark #sharks #helpsavesharks #saveoursharks #greenland #greenlandshark #greenlandsharkproject #arctic #arcticocean #arcticnature #arcticcircle #norway #norge #norges_fotografer #northernnorway #conservation #oceanconservation #marineconservation #marinelife #wildlifephotography #wildanimals #wildlife #oceanencounters

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It is the oldest among the 28 Greenland sharks that are analyzed. These sharks have an estimated lifespan of 400 years and they spend their time swimming around looking for mates.

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