5 Major Body Language Red Flags That Could Mean Your Partner is Lying

Sometimes it’s not just in your head and you need some assurance. Look for these signs if you’re doubt what your partner is saying.

1. Your partner will have shrug spasms.

When in questioning, if your partner is not committed to their answer then they’ll start to shrug their shoulders at odd times.It’s a sign that they either don’t know the answer to your question, or are in doubt.

2. Your partner will cover up the lies using his hands.

When you don’t want to confront, you run and hide. Look out for your partner trying to hide their presence by using their hands to cover up the eyes, mouth, or entire face. It’s a natural way to block someone from finding the truth.

3. Your partner will nod yes while saying no.

Your partner is basically giving you the answer through their body language so don’t listen to what is coming out of their mouth. They usually don’t realize they are giving the truth away by a head nod.

4. Your partner will look at you without blinking.

Blinking is such a common sign of lying that everyone knows about it. So when your partner wants to lie, they’ll do everything in their power to not blink. You’re too smart for that move.

5. You partner’s tongue comes out of hiding.

When your partner thinks they’re getting away with something, they’ll flick their tongue out or lick their lips before answering your question. It’s a natural sign of confidence in both lying and flirting.

Source: The Berry

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