6 Extraordinary Opportunities The Mercury Retrograde Brings

Chances are you have been hearing or reading a lot about the retrograde of Mercury here lately. That is not without good reason.

This retrograde will be bringing about some marvelous things we all NEED to be aware of. From December 3rd to December 22nd there will be a lot of intense things happening. Between the full super moon and this retrograde, we should be expecting a whole host of seemingly magical opportunities.

The retrograde is one of the more underappreciated astrological phenomena that happens with the planets in our solar system. It is something that happens where a specific planet appears to be spinning backward even though it is not. If you have been wondering what to do with all of this retrograde energy that you have been hearing about this list might be exactly what you need.

6 Opportunities The Mercury Retrograde Brings That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On:

1. The opportunity to finish what you’ve started.

While beginning new projects is not a good idea during the retrograde finishing existing projects is a wonderful idea. Be sure everything is as you want it to be before deciding things are done. You will be just fine.

2. The opportunity to reconsider existing life-altering decisions.

Do not make any new decisions during this retrograde. Anything that has to be decided now must be thoroughly gone over repeatedly. The energy that comes with this retrograde will be quite reflective in a few ways. Reconsider any and all life-altering decisions you have been wanting to make or even have already made.

3. The opportunity to embrace the moment.

During this time you will be able to learn how to focus more on the moment rather than everything else. There will be delays and setbacks but the moment will still be perfect if you allow it to be. Living in the now is important and while you will be reflecting you can and will still learn a lot about being more present.

4. The opportunity to get sentimental.

This retrograde is going to be bringing a lot of people back into your life. You may or may not want to see these people but what they have to say is important. You will be reflecting a lot during this retrograde and can move on from the past once it is over.

5. The opportunity to open yourself to good luck.

This retrograde will bring you closer to the Karmic power that you seek whether you notice it or not. What goes around comes around and it is time for you to become more open. There are good things to come.

6. The opportunity to travel within.

During this time you will be able to tune into the world inside of your being. This is not something that can be achieved easily but with some work, but you will get there. However, do not let what you find overwhelm you.

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