8 Chilling Nostradamus Prediction for 2019 Are Slowly Unfolding

Nostradamus’ name is basically synonymous with predicting the future.

The alleged oracle began publishing his famous, cryptic quatrains in 1555. But these were no ordinary poems. Nostradamus was allegedly a diviner who was able predict future tidings.

The 16th century apothecary and astrologer’s status as a reputed “seer” allowed him to solicit patronage from wealthy and prominent individuals like Catherine de’ Medici, the queen of France.

Nostradamus’ star didn’t fade after his death in 1566. His works have continued to attract adherents who have connected his writings to earth-shattering events like the rise of Adolf Hitler and the 9/11 attacks.

These are his 10 predictions for 2019:

1. Donald Trump:

According to Nostradamus, 2019 is the year that Donald Trump will be exonerated and no charges will be laid in relations to 2016 Presidential Elections scandal and Russia’s meddling.

2. The Syrian Refugee crisis:

The Syrian refugee crisis will peak in late 2018/ early 2019. The economies of host countries will take a tumble as a result of Expenditures.

3. North Korea:

Kim Jong-Un will be overthrown by his people, according to Nostradamus. Russia will swoop in to take control or the country. In making this mighty move, the image of Russia will change forever.

4. China:

Nostradamus also predicted the U.S. vs China Trade War. Russia and North Korea may be caught in the middle. The tariffs on Aluminum will serve as the breaking point for China

5. Antarctica & Global Warming:

There will be a massive break in the Antarctic ice shelf. This may increase worries about global warming and expedite our plans to colonize Mars.

6. Massive Power Outage:

A massive power outage will hit the western portion of North America. The impact will be larger than the one experienced in the east in 2003.

7. Economic crisis in Europe:

Germany and Italy will suffer some though times ahead, with economic turmoil increasing and a deepening banking crisis ensuing.

8. Flying Car:

Apple may come up with its first prototype for flying cars in 2019. Unfortunately, the Luxury won’t trickle down to the rest of us for quite a while.




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