8 Zodiac Combos That Should Move In Together And 8 That Will End In Disaster

Living with your significant other is a big move, but one that all successful couples make sooner or later. Moving in with somebody you love teaches you a lot about them, and lets you know whether you can handle each other full time, or whether you’re better off as just friends, living in separate houses with your own space.

While every individual is different, the zodiac can give you some hints as to whether moving in with someone is a good idea or an accident waiting to happen. Some signs were born to get along, to complement each other, fill each other’s needs and support each other in hard times. Sadly, others seem to nag each other, try to outdo each other, fight about every little thing, and end up in tears once they’re living with particular signs, whether they were a good couple when living separately or not.

Of course, you and your partner might be the exception to the rule; individual personalities and experiences tend to override the laws of the stars. But what are those rules in the first place? Read on to find out which signs you would probably be happy living with, and which signs would be your worst nightmare.

16 – Virgo And Capricorn Are The Ultimate Power Couple (And Will Probably Live In A Mansion)

If there ever was a power couple of the zodiac, it’s Virgo and Capricorn. As individuals, these two are usually the most successful signs in the zodiac. They both work hard, both have big dreams and ambitions, both are persistent, and both don’t take no for an answer. Pair that with their undying dedication and focus, and you’ve got a recipe for some serious success (and possibly lots and lots of money).

When they pair up, Virgo and Capricorn just get each other. They understand having to stay behind at work to finish closing a deal, they get spending all night on a painting or an essay or an advertising campaign to make sure it’s perfect, and they get making sacrifices for the good of their careers and goals. The result: a very happy couple in a huge house with a view.

15 – Plates Will Go Flying In The Rage-Filled House With Scorpio And Aries

Some signs are incompatible as housemates because they’re too different, but for some, it’s their similarity which destroys their chance of happiness together. An overload of any personality trait can be overbearing in a relationship, but this is especially true when the personality trait is aggressive and intense—something that both Scorpio and Aries specialize in.

These two signs are among the most extreme, assertive and confident signs in the zodiac. Neither is afraid to say what’s on their minds, neither is afraid to argue and both like to dominate. What’s more, both Aries and Scorpio actually have huge hearts and sensitive emotions which they disguise with their fiery tempers, so a house with these two will be filled with lots of hurt feelings and lots of fighting.

14 – It’s All Glamour At The Home Of Libra And Leo

You might not have thought that Leo and Libra would make a good couple and could build a happy home together. These two both love being the center of attention and crave having all eyes on them, so you’d think that there would be some competitiveness going on. But surprisingly, magic happens when they get together, and they’re somehow able to share that spotlight.

When a Leo loves a Libra, they’re happy to let that person shine, and it works the other way too. This is pretty rare, since neither of these signs tends to act this way with anybody else. Not only do they share the spotlight, but they also understand the other’s desire for it, and they just get each other on another level. Their home together is usually happy and pretty glamorous from all that shine.

13 – Aries And Capricorn Will Probably Kill Each Other Once They Move In

Aries and Capricorn are opposites, and not in a good way. The things they disagree on tend to be major and could be the cause of huge problems in the relationship that might surface once these two signs are living under one roof.

They do have some similarities—both signs are ambitious, hard-working and persistent—but not enough to save them. Aries thinks with their heart, while Capricorn thinks with their head. Aries likes to take risks and leap with their eyes closed; Capricorn carefully calculates every move and would rather die than take a risk with something important. Aries will get fed up with how cold and reserved Capricorn can be. Capricorn won’t be able to stand Aries’ emotional side. All in all, these two will drive each other crazy before long.

12 – Taurus And Pisces Are Polar Opposites, But It Totally Works When They Build A Home Together

Two opposite signs who do work when matched up as housemates are Taurus and Pisces. At their core, they’re quite different: Taurus is a realist who doesn’t get lost in fairy tales, while Pisces is a dreamer who could spend all day in fantasy. We all lean more to one end than the other, but neither extreme is ideal—you want to be realistic but not pessimistic, and that’s what happens when these two signs get together. Taurus brings Pisces down to earth again, and Pisces helps Taurus to open their mind and loosen up.

While they do have those differences, these two also happen to have some similarities that complement their relationship—they are both chilled out and like a drama-free life, and are good at supporting and loving their significant other.

11 – The Humble Home Of Gemini And Cancer Might Crumble From Instability

Gemini and Cancer might work together under one roof, but they’re not a natural duo. Their values directly contradict each other, which might result in a pretty unstable bond between them. And even if everything else looks good on paper, that bond is usually what decides whether a relationship will be successful or not.

The life of a Cancer revolves around the home—they are extremely family-orientated, tend to be shy and used to routine and crave support from those closest to them. Gemini tends to be the opposite in that too much time at home (the physical place but also with the same people doing the same things) makes them feel trapped. After living with a Cancer for too long, a Gemini could be itching to get out and experience change. And a Cancer might resent that.

10 – Aries And Gemini Complete Each Other And Lead A Happy Home Life Together

Gemini is usually better off with someone who gets their need to try new things, have experiences and feed their zest for life. That person could very well be Aries! These signs both enjoy having adventures, discovering new things and getting a thrill, and usually give the other room to do whatever they need to do so they don’t feel like they’re in a rut.

They also work as a couple because Aries tends to be the hothead and less likely to alter their ways for somebody else, whereas Gemini is known for making sacrifices to please others and is very good at diffusing tension and anger. These two might not spend a lot of time at home, since they’ll always be off somewhere having fun, but the home they come back to is usually pretty happy.

9 – Leo Has A Lot Of Good Qualities, But Should Avoid Moving In With Another Leo

Leo is an amazing sign, but there is such a thing as too much Leo in one room. Or in this case, in one house/apartment. This sign has a lot of intense qualities that are fine when paired with personalities that complement them, but are way too much to be replicated in the one relationship.

The Lion tends to be ambitious, confident, charismatic and just the slightest bit arrogant. Leo is always right, must always have the last say and has to be the boss. These qualities aren’t inherently bad, since you’re always going to find someone who’s looking for their partner to be the boss and make bold decisions. It’s just not a good idea to have two people looking to fit that role at once—there’s going to be some serious head-butting!

8 – Aquarius And Aquarius Suit Very Well Together And Will Be All They Need

Unlike Leo and Leo, Aquarius happens to match up nicely with another Aquarius. This sign is unique in its need for independence, its desire for space and distance and its feeling that others may not understand it. For this reason, Aquarius tends to build a happy home with another Aquarius—they understand each other when nobody else does.

An Aquarius will be more than happy to give their partner space, because they need it too. They understand having to take time to be alone, and that this doesn’t mean they’ve fallen out of love—they just need to be by themselves for a while. These two will mentally stimulate each other without making the other feel trapped and overwhelmed, which is one of the keys to a happy home.

7 – Gemini And Taurus Stress Each Other Out Too Much To Live Together

The word to describe the home shared by Gemini and Taurus would be “stressed”. Though these two signs both have a lot to offer, being themselves tends to get under the skin of the other.

Taurus naturally wants a home that is built on a foundation of loyalty and stability. This sign likes routine and repetition, and doesn’t like surprises or big changes. They also tend to be quite stubborn and unwilling to see things from another point of view. Gemini, whose biggest characteristic is an open mind, doesn’t get this at all. Gemini hates routine and will end up feeling like they’re in a rut while living with Taurus. It goes without saying that any zodiac combo can work if both signs really want it to, but these two just aren’t a pairing ordained by the stars.

6 – Gemini And Virgo Will Drive Each Other Crazy

While some signs work best when living with people who are totally different to them, that can’t be said of all signs! Gemini and Virgo are almost polar opposites, and because of this, living together is not a great idea for them. Sure, you might find yourself happily living with a Virgo if you’re a Gemini, or vice versa, but in general, these two signs don’t typically get a happy ending.

Their personalities just annoy each other. Virgo craves consistency, order, rules, lists, plans and routines, and all this stuff makes Gemini want to dry reach. Gemini loves spontaneity, taking risks, making last-minute changes and everything else that will make Virgo want to tear their hair out. After a week of living together, Virgo will feel like an annoying, nagging parent and Gemini will feel like an irresponsible child.

5- It Will Be A House Of Laughter For Aries And Sagittarius

The home of Aries and Sagittarius will probably be full of happiness and sunshine, and that’s because there will be laughter emitting from every corner. These two signs may have their flaws, but when they come together, they bring out the fun-loving, happy and carefree sides of each other. This results in games, jokes and just general cheeriness.

Aries and Sagittarius tend to love inside jokes which are a source of fun but also bring them closer together. Between them, they have a big circle of friends which means that people are always coming over and the house is always like one big party. Not a raging party with people stumbling from the door, but a low-key party where you wear jeans, drink wine and play board games.

4 – The Jealousy Between Taurus And Leo Will Ruin The Happy Home

A little jealousy in a relationship is perfectly natural, and can actually be a sign that your significant other is still interested in you, no matter how much time has gone past. However, too much jealousy can make a relationship crumble, and when Taurus and Leo get together, the jealousy tends to flow quite freely.

Both signs have jealous tendencies, but they’re instantly made worse together. Taurus doesn’t innately need to be the center of attention all the time, but can be possessive and does feel uncomfortable when people show too much interest in their partner. Leo, on the other hand, kind of needs said interest and attention most of the time. These two probably won’t ever be able to relax at home because they’ll be too busy questioning each other to try and soothe their jealousy.

3 – Taurus And Cancer Complement Each Other And Will Build A Happy Home

One zodiac combo that does manage to strike that perfect balance is Taurus and Cancer. These two have just enough in common and just enough variation between them to totally make it work.

Both signs love talking and listening, they are loyal to their loved ones, and they share the values of family and respect. Cancer is naturally the carer in the relationship and gets a kick out of spoiling their partner and showing endless affection. Taurus loves to be spoiled and opens up when they feel comfortable, which Cancer loves. Cancer can be moody when their feelings are hurt, and it takes a chilled soul like Taurus to calm them down again. It just works on every level! More than likely, these two will build a happy home together while supporting and accepting each other.

2- Aquarius And Pisces Are At Opposite Ends Of The Scale, And The House Will Be Mismatched

Though they sit just next to each other in the zodiac, Aquarius and Pisces are normally too different to make it work as housemates. It’s true that some signs are able to sort it out with their opposites and strike a balance, but that isn’t true for these two.

Pisces craves love and affection more than anything else. They want intimacy and to get close to the person they love, and they want to share things and listen and give advice. Aquarius, on the other hand, is known for being distant and aloof, even when they’re in love. This sign is one of the most independent and doesn’t like to overshare or spend hours listening to another person, which is bad news for Pisces. Don’t be afraid to move in together if you’re truly in love, but in general, these signs don’t offer each other what they really need and often feel unsatisfied.

1 – Cancer And Scorpio Are The Best Match In The Zodiac

For many people, Cancer and Scorpio are the best matched signs in the zodiac. And since they’re so well matched as life partners, it only makes sense that they make fantastic housemates too! So what makes Cancer and Scorpio so compatible?

They’re basically everything that the other is not. At first glance, they seem completely different—Cancer is soft (on the inside), sensitive and family orientated. Scorpio is passionate, confident and aggressive. But together, they support each other fill in all the gaps. They don’t try to outdo each other, don’t feel jealous of each other, and also don’t drive each other up the wall. This could be because although the signs are so different, they’re both deeply loyal and would do anything for their loved ones.

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