A Loaded Super Full Moon On March 9th Will Force Us To Work Through Our Fears

It’s time to remove guilt and shed our fears! Let’s start with acknowledging our weaknesses and then forgiving ourselves. This will help align with all the fantastic work Jupiter can do for us this powerful full moon coming up on 09 March 2020. Neptune will be here to cause some confusion but shed those fears and guilt and allow Jupiter to have your back- exposing any lies and deception Neptune may think it can get away with having you believe. Not only does Jupiter fill our lives with the truth this full moon, but also gives us the power to forgive those who have victimised betrayed or deceived us.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Perhaps a little like hard work? Put the effort in these coming weeks and we are likely to see ourselves growing in leaps and bounds in the realms of spirituality, ethics and morality. Throw away self-pity and allow yourself to sprout.

Possible warning here on the coronavirus outbreak as Neptune rules over illness – that said- don’t panic! Grab yourself a towel! (ok corny reference to Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) but seriously, try to remain calm. I know I’ve just delivered a bad omen but a good thing to always do is keep your immune system running well with a healthy mind set and don’t eat junk food. If you haven’t already a vegetable garden, start with one now. It’s the best way for every person to stay responsible for our own health and wellbeing. Living in a flat is no excuse. Apparently, we could live on mars and still have a vegetable garden.

The super full moon of letting go of fears and exposing truth couldn’t come at a better time for cases like Julian Assange’s, founder of WikiLeaks. Assange is the epitome of a fearless truth seeker. He has been nominated for the 2020 Nobel peace prize, (along with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning) for his extensive work in exposing political truth to the world. (You can do your own further research if you wish to see how you can get involved.)

The full moon conjunct Denebola brings the potential for major catastrophes, assassinations, uprisings, massacres, royal events, and the election or death of heads of state. Disclaimer alert- the stars said that not me.

The full moon is intimately connected with the previous new moon. This means that the February 23 new moon is still having an exciting influence on us, bringing opportunities to develop your natural talents and reach your full potential. Beginning something new is best done during this time between new moon and full moon, so there is still time before March 9th to begin a new project or take a new risk. (also, a good time for sexual relations)

Okay, so let’s look at this again to make sure we have a plan for the coming weeks:

Fixed stars conjunct full moon March 2020 (amplified by helpful Jupiter aspect) bring:

Honesty, courage, self-control, prosperity, and generosity, plus mental and spiritual force.

Challenging Neptune aspect increases the risk of illness, regrets, disgrace, misfortune, and arguments with loved ones.


  1. Let go of your fears, self-pity and guilt! Say bye-bye fear! Hold on to your courage. Remember the lion in The Wizard of Oz. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. How can you be brave and take a stand for world truth this month?
  2. Have faith. Allow honesty and morality to expose any lies. Forgive.
  3. Realise your true potential and enjoy a sexy, sporty, fun and healthy life.


Wishing you a beautiful life!







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