According To Shamans There Are Only 3 Causes For Our Diseases

Shamans do not have magical powers, they are real men and women just like you and me, except they are able to reach higher states of consciousness. They are able to perceive and communicate in ways that aren’t possible under regular conditions. In order to become a shaman, you have to undergo a demanding training that teaches you how to lead the high awareness during what they consider separation from the physical body and to go on inner journeys.

According to the shaman, there is a very clear contrast between the medicine of the body and of the spirit. When there is a physical injury it has to be treated with medicine. When there is a spiritual injury the shamans can help since they know a lot about spiritual healing.

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The traditional shaman will bring a lot of attention to the relation between cause and effect in order to deal with a disease. During life, our physical body undergoes several transformations. The body will get ill from viruses, accidents, bruises, cuts, wounds or broken bones.

At some point in our lives, many of us will have to cope with serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and many others. We age and eventually, our physical body will die.

The shamans think that the diseases we can get are just symptoms. In order to truly heal, we shouldn’t merely suppress the symptoms with medication but we must address the root causes. According to the shamans, there are three classic causes of the disease which have more to do with our emotional state than with bacteria, microbes or viruses.


We can experience a sense of disharmony when we lose an important relationship or when a sense of belonging is missing. For instance, if one of the two in an elderly couple dies. What often happens is that the one that’s left will develop a serious illness within a year and a half and then also dies. Disharmony will decrease our feeling of power and this can make us very exposed to diseases.


Someone who experiences chronic fear inside of themselves is very likely to develop a disease eventually. Fear diminishes the operating ability of the immune system. This fact is acknowledged by modern science and doctors.


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Shamans think that the loss of the soul is the most serious diagnosis one can get because it is the main cause of serious illnesses and premature deaths. Nevertheless, this belief is not supported (yet) by traditional medicine or modern science.

Soul loss means that there is a serious wound inside of a person that damages his own perception of who and what he is. In our culture, this is mostly associated with trauma.

Examples of these traumas could be rape, assault or abuse. The loss of the soul could also happen after a difficult divorce, a horrible accident, or the loss of a parent or sibling at a young age. War veterans are also a good example of soul loss. Sadly, there aren’t many solutions offered by Western doctors.

Soul loss symptoms:

  • A feeling of not being present
  • Inability to feel or receive love
  • Memory loss (not being able to remember certain parts of your life)
  • Sudden apathy and indifference
  • Lack of joy or the inability to experience joy
  • Depression, suicide or addictions

Western medicine perceives diseases as an intrusion coming from outside of the body. When it comes to a virus, they are correct. However, when it comes to the loss of the soul or loss of power, the disease will be able to manifest inside of the body because of the emotional state the person is in. This is where a shaman can help to heal.

According to the shaman, healing takes place in several stages. The first stage will be focussing on the increasing of a feeling of power of the patient. In the second stage the problem will be diagnosed; what effect does this have on the patient’s body? The third stage is the individual healing process. The fourth and last stage is very important; the lost soul will be retrieved.


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