All Blue-Eyed People Have One Single Ancestor In Common

6,000 years ago a person walked this Earth with a genetic mutation which has now spread around the world. That mutation was blue eyes.

Now, at least 6,000 years later – everybody with blue eyes is still related to that one person who originally had the genetic mutation, reports The Independent.

Although the exact cause of blue eyes remains somewhat of a mystery, scientists do know that the eye colour began to change long before we started taking note on it.

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The gene mutation which is solely responsible for blue eyes has been searched for for years by scientists and researchers interested in the OCA2 gene, which determines how much brown pigment is in our eyes.

However now we can reveal that the OCA2 gene doesn’t hold anything blue in it at all – as this was caused through a different gene called HERC2.

Although nothing is known for certain at the minute it is thought that the HERC2 mutation began when humans migrated from Africa to Europe – suggesting that all blue eyed people derive from one single ancestor.



Source:  UNILAD   &   BI

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