Artist Cleverly Makes Photo Mash-Ups Of Animals with Food

These photos made by artist Ronald Ong, expert in photo manipulation, look as if they came straight out of a dream. This surreal collection exist of mashups between food and animals.  Think of a Loafox (a fox and a loaf) or a Zebreo (a zebra mixed with an Oreo).  Very clever and unexpected.

Ong uses photographs of real animals and cuts and splices them together with items that look like they are actually part of the creatures’ bodies. In one piece, he merges a round-bodied hedgehog and a fluffy dandelion, creating a hybrid critter that could easily be imagined living in an alternate world. In another work, Ong swapped out a tiger’s belly for sliced oranges, creating the illusion that the animal’s innards are made from the sweet fruit. No matter what photo combo Ong creates, his ongoing series showcases the talented artist’s playful imagination and eye for texture and color.

Scroll down to check out more of Ong’s whimsical photo manipulations. You can also buy his work as printed canvases via his online shop.

Ronald Ong: Instagram | Twitter | Behance

h/t: MMN

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