Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town to Grow Old Together

How close are you and your BFF? Has your relationship changed at all throughout the years? It’s fairly typical to see best friends spend the vast majority of their time together as children, teens, and even college students. As time wears on, people get much busier with work, family, and adult responsibilities. People move to new cities, different states, and even across the globe, often making friendships difficult to maintain and easy to lose track of.

Apparently, that isn’t the case for everyone, as exemplified by some best friends who went to great lengths to maintain their friendship. They built their own tiny town so they would be able to grow old together.

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These four couples have all been best friends with each other for 20 years, but like many adult friendships, they soon found it was difficult to see each other as much as they wanted. They decided they wanted to live closer to each other in a more environmentally friendly way. To accomplish this, they all pooled their money together and built their own tiny town near the Llano River just outside of Austin, Texas.

Each of the four cabins in their tiny settlement, the Llano Exit Strategy, cost approximately $40,000. They were uniquely designed by an expert architect, Matt Garcia, to be as sustainable as possible for their size. They each have slanted roofs, reflective walls to keep out heat in the summer, insulated windows, and water barrels that can hold up to 5,000 gallons of rainwater. This group of best friends all plan on retiring to the property when the time comes.


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