Bigfoot Researcher Has Video & DNA Evidence That Proves Their Existence

Despite the fact that he created the #1 most popular documentary ever aired on Netflix, tracker/naturist Todd Standing has been struggling to get the world’s attention.. 

While running around in head to toe sniper stealth camo, Todd Standing has been tracking Sasquatch for over a decade. He is not what you’d normally expect from someone shouting about Bigfoot. When he meets a Bigfoot skeptic, he doesn’t say, ‘Here’s some pictures, take my word for it’. He says, “Okay, put on some boots and let’s go then. I will literally take you deep into the wild where they live and I’ll SHOW you a Sasquatch.”

After all, why bother talking when seeing is believing?

So that’s what he does. He literally takes adventurous people into the wild to meet a real life Bigfoot, changing their entire life and perspective of nature in the process.

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Todd is 20+ year survival and tracking expert. When Todd doesn’t want to be seen, he isn’t.

Problem is, not many people have the courage to follow him out there. He has been trying for many years to get both American and Canadian Fish and Wildlife to take him seriously, to no avail. Maybe that will start to change soon.

For those who have seen his #1 documentary, it’s well known that he has gathered the best video footage of them that has ever been captured. Not only that, he has taken several experts into the field and gathered an incredible amount of evidence.

(He even took the Canadian Govt to the Supreme Court over their refusal to acknowledge his evidence of their existence. More info on his case can be found here)

Recently, Todd claims to have found a strand of hair he plucked from a tree in southeastern British Columbia. He believes it has unusual DNA sequences that must be linked to the legendary sasquatch. Hopefully, his long-standing hunt to prove bigfoot’s existence is gaining tremendous momentum.

Now, he’s looking for geneticists to verify his findings.

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A still photo from the documentary “Discovering Bigfoot” Believed to be a juvenile female.

“This is a perfect sample, uncontaminated,” he said. “It cannot be mine, and it cannot be another human being’s. And, in fact, in all the knowledge that I have, and everybody I’ve spoken to, it can’t even be a known primate.”

For years, Standing has made it his mission to convince the masses that bigfoot is not a myth, but an undocumented species of primate that walks on two legs.

Under his arm he carries a laptop filled with photographs and reams of research he said are proof of the legend. He has appeared on television and Internet radio programs all over the world. And he has taken scientists into backcountry research sites where he believes the legendary animal thrives.

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Wearing specialised gear, Todd can spend several days walking around in sub-zero temperatures.

Les Stroud, host of the reality television show Survivorman, joined Standing in expeditions and was stunned by unidentified whooping sounds and other bizarre happenings, deep in the wild Canadian forest.

Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor at Idaho State University and a bigfoot believer, was also highly encouraged by what he saw and heard when hiking through the woods with Standing.

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Dozens of nature experts and PHD wielding professionals have followed Todd into the wild, and all have seen shocking things.

At one site near Radium Hot Springs, B.C., Standing said he leaves apples out in the wilderness only to find them devoured hours later.

“I can’t say I’ve trained them … I’ve habituated them to take food gifts from me.”

DNA Evidence:
As we mentioned above, one of the mysterious creatures left behind a strand of hair. Todd Standing submitted the sample to Paleo-DNA Laboratory, part of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.

Three tests concluded the hair matched human genes. The lab also compared the strand to the DNA of chimpanzees — the closest genetic relative of humans — and found it also matched, to varying degrees.

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Another image from the documentary Discovering Bigfoot. The same young female from above.

Todd says two sets of results, one confirming a 100% link to humans, another finding an 85% match to chimp DNA, are unusual and inconsistent with what he has learned about documented species. He said the 15 per cent gap is too big to be human.

Standing is now on the hunt for another professional DNA lab that will test the hair.

But he faces an uphill battle.

“No faculty and no university supports the reality of unicorns, supports the reality of Santa Claus, and that’s how they feel about sasquatch,” he said.

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Another photo by Todd Standing, believed to be an older male Sasquatch.

“I don’t want to be ignored anymore. I want to have a scientific conversation. I need a geneticist.”

Below are a couple teaser videos that share a little info about Todd’s many accomplishments. If you like to check out more of his work, we highly check out his website, and his Netflix Documentary, “Discovering Bigfoot“. He’s looking for Bigfoot enthusiasts to contribute to his work, so check it out! This is amazing stuff!

“After the amazing discoveries made this year on expeditions we feel more than ready to begin, for the first time ever, a permanent continuous Sasquatch research area. The “Discovering Bigfoot Research site”.  Every year expeditioners will work as a cooperation guided in part by me documenting live in the field, all Sasquatch activity. I will choose 4 people this year from my list of 200 supporters, all expenses paid, to come out to this research site with me.

My number 1 source for success has been cooperation. Be part of the discovery by supporting our research efforts in the field as well as our future court cases in the United States and Canada. When you sign up with us you will receive a personal welcome call from me; Monthly email access to my private email to answer questions; Access to the 13 minute Video 4 documentary; Bigfoot North Poster; Photo of the month…every month get a new original photograph; Detailed monthly reports, Mini Doc access and the Discovering Bigfoot poster image Hd plus much more!” – Todd Standing

Go to Todd’s website to learn more, and to contribute to his exciting cause.

Feel free to subscribe to Todd on Youtube and Facebook too.

Thanks for reading!

Here’s a fun bonus fact! Native Americans have known about their existence since long before Europeans came, and they have countless names for them. Almost each and every tribe had their own name! If you’d like to learn more about their native history and lore, check out this great resource website, Native Village.

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Written by Lara Starr@TheWildChild

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