Blue Whale Appears to Blow A Magical Rainbow Heart

When this photographer took a picture of a blue whale coming up for air, he did so at the exact right moment. Precisely at this moment, the whale was clearing his blowhole, which created an amazing colorful rainbow in the shape of a heart! This must have been photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun’s lucky day.

The reason the rainbow appeared is because of the way the sunlight fell onto the water drops. It also happened to be that the moment Suwanyangyaun took the photo, the drops appear to form the shape of a heart, creating a rainbow-colored heart.

Suwanyangyaun had taken a scuba dive tour near Sri Lanka and spent the day swimming beside whales. He had already taken many pictures under the water but luckily he kept going above water as well. He said: “The photos are a dream come true for me.

“I’d longed to swim with blue whales all my life – it was such an unforgettable experience. The whales were swimming past quite quickly, we only saw each one for a few seconds before it swam off, so I was very lucky. I’d go back again and again if I had the chance.”


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