Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cotton Candy Exist, And It’s Every Sweet Tooth’s Dream

There’s never a bad time for cake, but sometimes you want something a little more out of the box when you have an occasion to celebrate. The next time there’s a birthday, anniversary, or other special day that arises, skip the conventional Funfetti cake or devil’s food and instead go for a cotton candy cake made entirely of the delicious spun sugar.

CANADIAN COMPANY SWEETFLUFFE IS BEHIND THESE BAD BOYS. The idea of turning vibrantly colored layers of cotton candy into a cake is a simple but genius one, and we have Sweetfluffe to thank about it. The Canadian company makes them for everything from baby showers to birthdays and every occasion in between and I can’t believe I’m only just finding out about them.

THIS IS PERFECT FOR THE SUGAR LOVERS OUT THERE.Yes, regular cake is plenty sweet and has loads of sugar in it, but I can almost feel the toothache coming on and the resulting dentist bill to get all my cavities filled. In other words, I’ve never wanted to devour anything more.

IT’S UNCLEAR HOW MANY PEOPLE A COTTON CANDY CAKE SERVES.As we’re all aware, once you put cotton candy in your mouth, it pretty much goes down to nothing, so you might need a bunch of it to feel “full” (or satisfied). Because of that, I can very much imagine eating an entire cotton candy cake to myself without sharing with anyone, but I guess that wouldn’t be very nice.

IF YOU’RE NOT CANADIAN, DON’T WORRY, YOU CAN STILL GET ONE.Sweetfluffe does offer international shipping on these cakes, so if you’re desperate to try one but don’t live in Canada, you can reach out to the business and see what they can work out for you. It might be a bit expensive to ship to wherever you live, but if anything’s worth it, it’s a cotton candy cake.

FIND OUT MORE ON THEIR WEBSITE AND INSTAGRAM PAGE.You can visit Sweetfluffe on their website (which offers menu information as well as other details) and their Instagram page, which features some incredibly impressive photos of their work. You’ll be salivating by the time you’re done!

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