Can You Spot the Panda In the Black Metal Crowd? It’s Harder Than You Think!

Social media has connected us around the world in amazing ways, allowing us to share incredible news stories, connect with friends and family on the opposite side of the world and enjoy a number of popular puzzles, quizzes and memes together. No longer are we separated by oceans, coming together in exciting, empowering and inspirational ways.

Take, for example, the highly contested dress photo. Taking the internet by storm in 2015, everyone from your favorite celebrities to your next-door neighbor had an opinion over whether the popular photo was of a blue and black dress or a white and gold one. In fact, the debate became so personal that some people would lash out, passionately defending their answer.

Another major trend, sparking debate and dominating the social media world for over 2 years, is the unfindable panda. A mind-boggling series, with more emerging every day, the unfindable panda photos depict random crowds of people or animals with a single panda. Challenging people the world over, excited puzzle lovers share the photos bragging about how quickly they found the elusive panda while they call on their friends and family to try their hardest.

Do you believe you are a master at finding the unfindable panda? Try these puzzles:


Source: Alonso Arellano



Source: Espen Westum



Source: Yousuf J



Source: Jen Sebastian



Source: cpdjf



Source: Dudolf



Source: Wil Wil



Source: Muhammad Zulkarnain



Souce: Pikashoes



Source: happythoughts
Adapted from: Woodstock Movie Poster | Warner Bros. | 1970



Source: Roger Estanyol



Source: Wil Wil



Source: ste1



Source: Tom | Bored Panda



Source: Joao Seabra



Source: Wil Wil



Source: Yousuf J



Source: John Stirzaker
Source: Awareness act

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