The Magical Scottish Drummers Known As Clanadonia

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Clanadonia is a world famous Scottish Tribal Drum and Pipes band that is known for their animated and exciting performances that blend modern music with the Celtic traditions of Scotland. This is very apparent from their clothing and use of bagpipes. The band originally started as a close combat stunt…

The Hang: Arguably The Most Soothing Instrument On Earth

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The handpan or hang (not hang drum) is a convex steel drum played with the hands and tuned with multiple notes in a diatonic scale. After the viral success of their online videos, Hang Massive are some of the worlds best known hang based musicians. They are currently on a global tour. When did you first start…

This Stunning Native American Performance Will Speak To Your Soul

Purimuy by Alexandro Querevalú

Purimuy, dancing on the floor by Alexandro QuerevalúYouTube Subscribe: #cry #tears #sad #indian #flute #awesome #deep #breathtaking #soul #goosebumps #live #pain #nostalgia #street #native #meditation

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Alexandro Querevalú‎‏ في السبت، ٢٤ سبتمبر ٢٠١٦
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Meet the brilliant Alexandro Querevalú. He is a spectacular performer with incredible versatility and passion. His music speaks directly to the soul. Born in Lima, Peru to a humble and hard-working family. As the oldest child in his family, Alexandro always dreamed of helping his family on the financial front.…

Wooden Machine Makes Insane Music With 2000 Marbles

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Molin, the maker, scheduled two months to build the machine; it took 16. “I drew out the dimensions in 3D software,” Molin said, starting with an 80cm cube on which the machine was built. The machine was made using a technique philosophically similar to that of moulage – or moulding…

These Are The 5 Most Creative Zodiac Signs

Being creative is a mode of thinking, a way of living life, something that comes naturally to us. Some of us have a more creative outlook than others and not just because their zodiac sign says they have. Creativity, whether through art, music, or writing needs to be nurtured, and…