Jackie Chan Takes A Stand Against Poaching

The African Wildlife Foundation launched a campaign aimed at the Asian market to educate and inform people about the harm done when buying Rhino Horn. The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) launched their “Say No” campaign in 2014 after Rhino Poaching hit an all-time scary high. They knew something needed to…

Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures Caught By Russian Fisherman

Russian fisherman catches real-life deep sea monsters 🐟

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Known for his ability to pull up all sort of interesting sea creatures, Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov’s well followed Instagram and Twitter accounts are littered with images of the critters he hauls up in his work as a trawlerman in Murmansk, Russia. Here’s a warning, these deep sea fish as likely to…

Adorable Cow “Lotta” Plays Fetch Like a Real Puppy

Cow plays fetch

Show someone this cow playing fetch to make their day 🐄

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Playing with your pets can fill your heart like nothing else. Some animals will be more playful than others. But seriously, who knew though that cows are able to play fetch just like a dog? I for one, seriously did not know that! This adorable cow, Lotta, is owned by…

Man Gets Into Fierce Argument With Grumpy Goat

Man gets into fierce argument with grumpy goat

Well this argument goat well out of hand... 😂 (Sound up 🔊)

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Nothing beats a quality conversation with your best friend! It can last for hours, and there’s not a chance in the world it can ever get boring. Even if you repeat the same topics over and over again, somehow, it is still interesting and there’s always something new to add.…

Try Not To Laugh With These Pets Who Went Viral

Throwback Thursday: Pets That Went Viral

TBT! Best of the best! 👍🏼

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Sometimes it’s nice to have a throwback, especially when it’s a compilation of pets who went viral in the past. Will it be just as funny as the first time they passed by on your screen, you be the judge of that. Perhaps you missed them first time around. Well…