Choose Your Favorite Embrace And Discover What Psychologists Say About You!

An embrace is an intimate act that occurs between humans and other creatures more advanced from the point of view of evolution. It is an act of affection and tenderness although its meaning depends on the social and cultural context in which it occurs. There are cultures more open to physical contact that use hugs even as a greeting, while in other areas of the world it is a restricted act for couples and is not usually given without a very obvious reason and a very close relationship.

Whatever the case, it is also true that we have different ways of offering hugs depending on several factors. One of them is the personality of each one! Depending on some important data of your personality, you prefer to hug in one way or another. That’s why today we are going to offer you a test.

A. Friendships

If you have decided that your favourite embrace is the first, according to a renowned psychologist, your personality reflects that you are not falling in love from the beginning of the relationship. You prefer to build the bond with the other person and, in case something fails, you are always in time to retire. Although someone likes you a lot, you do not usually express your feelings until you are into the relationship. You prefer the other person to be the first to reveal their emotions and then allow things to flourish more.

Although in principle it seems a very logical way of being, excessive caution can be dangerous for the relationship. Take it easy, since many relationships begin with a friendship, but keep in mind that if you remain close friends for too long, you can discourage the other person and feel that their feeling is not reciprocated and away from you. That way you will get stuck in the friend zone!

B. Fall in love at first sight

The second hug is a very romantic and very intimate one, have you noticed? It is more loving than the others and there are several things that draw attention. But before that: you have the tendency to fall in love at first sight and give up on everything for love. This embrace is typical for romantic movies and so are you. You are able to light the flame of love with relative ease and speed. In addition, you like to feel the heat and passion of the other person during the embrace equally.

The most important thing is closeness and a firm and strong embrace. However, being a person who falls in love at first sight, the appearance becomes one of the fundamental factors in which you create your image of the other person. The advice that we can give you is that before letting yourself carry the passion with the other person, consider knowing them better. By focusing on the appearance, it is possible that things start to go wrong once you know the personality of the other person does not match the image you created at the beginning.

C. Do not trust anyone

C embrace represents one of the people firmly grasping their partner from behind, with both hands hanging over their shoulders or around the neck. Although at first glance it does not seem like it, it is a show of great confidence directed at the other person and at the same time it is a sign that getting you to open up and put your trust in the other is not an easy task. As for romance, you always have a lot of reserve and caution, which can discourage you in the first phase of the relationship. However, later you compensate more.

Even if you are on your first date and have a very good impression of the other person, you do not usually open up well into the relationship. This makes you lose many good opportunities to meet valuable people. For your part, if possible, try to open up a little more if you see that the other person is friendly, trustworthy and seems to have good intentions. Once the relationship narrows, you open up and allow yourself to leave all that passion that you keep inside and your partner will love. Once you compromise, you give everything and even more.

D. You have a specific taste

This is probably the most intimate embrace of all, given the null distance separating the two protagonists. It is a very tight hug, worthy of two lovers who have not seen each other for a long time and have missed one another big time. Your taste is very well defined in terms of the love relationship. You have an image in your head, and you even get to plan details, like the smile you want from your future partner.

As soon as you find someone who comes to your expectations, you will move heaven and earth to conquer their heart. However, you focus on those details that you have prepared and sometimes you may escape the general image that may be less favorable. On the other hand, you tend to get bored easily once you have conquered the person you wanted and quickly move to another challenge.

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