Company In Ireland Will Give You A Payed Salary To Cuddle Cats All Day Long

Finding your dream job is not an easy task. Finding a job at all can even be quite a challenge in this economy. Getting a college degree might be costly in the United States, but it is a good possibility for a successful career life. However, your dream job might be on the other side of the Atlantic.

If you’re a crazy cat lover, your dream job might just be in Ireland.

In Dublin, Just Cats Clinic has a job opening where you’ll be required to give homeless cats lots of love and care.

Sound exciting? Well, this job naturally does come with a few demands.

Gentle hands are must, given that you’ll need to stroke and pet a lot of cats in need of some love.

A tender voice can help some stressed-out cats calm down, so this is another important requirement.

Having cat-whispering abilities could be a big advantage because you might just be able to understand each different purr very well.

Does this sound better than the boring office job you currently have? Yeah, we thought so. Make sure to send your resume along with some cute snaps of you and your cats to the clinic here and you’ll never know, you might just be the lucky person to score this dreamy job! 

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