Concerned Baby Elephant Rescues A Man She Mistakenly Believed Was In Danger

It is everyday that we find videos where a mortal saves the life of a wild, yet there are instances which prove us again and again that the perfect duo exists within the balance. Aren’t babies the cutest and the purest form of creation?

Irrespective of a human baby or a baby animal- they all tend to behave in the same way. They love you like a small human baby would and has hearts as pure as them too. We have often talked about the selflessness and loyalty of a dog but how often do we do the same for the wild?

But one might be surprised to know that if treated correctly they are just like any other baby cub of any animal, domestic or wild.

Here is a heartwarming clip of a baby elephant named Kham Lha, a resident of Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. This elephant cub is found to leave his crew while taking a stroll next to the river banks just to save his favourite human Darrick. Who although needed no help from him-but was mistaken by the baby elephant cub to be drowning. This video is so adorable for anybody with a heart of a human, for this portrays the innocence that lies within every living being of the same age group. It is even more beautiful a sight to find that the elephant cub tugs Darrick by his tiny trunks to lift him above the water. This person was perfectly alright for swimming across the river yet was intervened by this cute creature only to re-establish the faith amongst the wild.

This video has melted over millions of hearts for it perfectly depicts how pure form of love can be of any animal for a mortal being- and how selfless can the wilds behave once they love their favorite human!

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Just some more elephant love we want to share with you:

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