Couple Built a Cabin Made of Recycled Windows in the West Virginia Mountains for $500 (Video)

This couple had an ingenious idea when finding themselves needing to get out of the humdrum buzz of ‘normal life’.

Nick Olsen and his girlfriend Lilah Horwitz were camping in the midst of the massive forests of West Virginia and over a modest meal of rice and beans came up with an idea to build a quirky cabin in the woods that would suit their lifestyle. At that stage they were unemployed and looking for simplicity in life.

2_House made of Windows

They were fortunate, as Olson’s family owned the property so costs were kept low to build this unique cabin and came out to a slim budget of $500 and only took a few months to complete.  Keeping it simple and off the grid with no electricity and plumbing, helped with costs too.

This little cabin is a dream come true and inspiration to many of those hopefuls that wish to achieve this kind of lifestyle.

The actual location of the cabin pays tribute to their first date where they watched the sun set over the West Virginia mountains and keeping this memory alive at the cabin, is depicted by the front wall being created completely out of old windows. Masses of glass windows casting dazzling light and endless sunsets into this special home. Re-purposed wood from an abandoned barn completes the rest of the building.

3_House made of Windows

Olson and Horwitz, prefer not identify with their past trades, but with him being a carpenter and photographer and Lilah being a designer did give them a certain edge to create their cabin.

“Sometimes the category can be woodworker, or log builder or photographer, and which one are they going to accept? And sometimes the easiest one is just saying you’re an artist.” Says Olson.

4_House made of Windows

Today this couple live in Milwaukee and now use their cabin to recharge when needing a getaway from the drone of city life.

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