Dad Confronts His Daughter About 4 Missing Cupcakes And It Is Hilariously Cute

Little kids love sweet treats. It doesn’t matter the type, whether it be candy, ice cream, cupcakes, or cookies, they will eat it right up. It’s no secret that many young ones often go to great lengths in order to get their tiny hands on a delicious, sugar-filled snack and the little girl in this video is no exception!

Apparently her father, Macario Aegeus, noticed that there was more than one cupcake missing in the kitchen and so he decided to confront the likely culprit, his young daughter! But instead of simply asking her about it, he turned the whole thing into an investigation of sorts. What he captured on tape is one of the cutest, most adorable things ever!

The clip starts off with him asking his daughter if she’s “aware that we’ve had several cupcake thefts?” to which she readily admits taking 4 of them. That’s when he tells her that she’s going to go to jail for her crime, but before he can cuff her she runs off! He immediately gives chase, setting off a game of cops and robbers, as the two run all around the house. As he’s pursuing his daughter he pretends to radio in and gives a hilariously cute description of his little suspect and the play by play action that’s unfolding.

Words don’t quite do this clip justice, you just have to see it to understand how awesome this little game turned out to be. It’s one of the most fun, sweet, and all around entertaining ways that a father could play with his little girl!


The Cupcake Thief On The Run

Hilarious drama between dad and daughter. Dad acts as a 'cop' while the little girl becomes 'the cupcake thief on the run.' Dad plays along in the role-play and even requests backup while he tries to capture her.

Posted by Africa Cable Network on Thursday, 31 March 2016



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