Despite Having No Disability, This Woman Wants To Be Permanently Paralysed

She is now looking for a doctor who can perform an extremely dangerous medical procedure to make her paralytic.

If given the option, would anybody in their right mind, live their whole life in a wheelchair? Perhaps not.

by Tarunika Rajesh

But this 61-year-old chemist from Salt Lake City, Utah wishes to accomplish that and has dedicated to living her life like a disabled.

Chloe Jennings-White is a perfectly normal, active woman with a perfect pair of functioning limbs.

Source: Rebel Circus

She envisions herself as a paraplegic and likes living in a wheelchair—not because she needs it but because she likes it.

Source: Rebel Circus

Using leg braces that lock her knees, she identifies herself as a transabled. But whenever she feels the need to ascend a fleet of stairs, she simply steps out of her wheelchair and uses her feet to walk up. Ski rides and 12-hour hikes isn’t a task for her as Chloe does it easily without any assistance. However, it isn’t what makes Chloe happy. Being a paraplegic is what truly makes her happy from within.

Chloe enjoys skiing and hiking but lives her life like a paraplegic.

Source: Rebel Circus
Body Integrity Identity Disorder

“When she was nine, White climbed her bike and rode it off a tall wooden stage she had set up in a local park, with the sole intention of crashing and breaking her back,” Oddity Central reported.

The biking accident did not end up doing anything drastic, she landed on her neck and not her back, as she had planned. It was at that moment that she realized that she could have ended up becoming paralyzed from the neck down and not the waist, which could render her completely immobile — not exactly what she wanted in the first place.

Chloe tried to paralyze herself from her waist below by purposely getting into accidents. Source: Barcroft TV

Since early childhood, Chloe always had the desire to be disabled. Soon after her biking accident, Chloe’s aunt became a paraplegic, and Chloe found herself desiring the condition even more.

Chloe was diagnosed with BIID which is an extremely rare psychological disorder. Source: Rebel Circus

In 2008, doctors diagnosed Chloe with BIID or Body Integrity Identity Disorder, also referred to as ‘being transabled’. An extremely rare psychological disorder, it leads to patients believing that they would be happier if they were a paraplegic or amputee. Living with a disability becomes the default state of mind of patients suffering from the disorder.

Chloe studied at Cambridge University and worked at the Stanford Research Institute which was the time when BIID got out of control. She began to have fantasies of becoming paralyzed. She even began dreaming of the times when she tried to almost kill herself by riding straight into the wall.

Source: Barcroft TV

She started to pretend to be a paraplegic when no one was around and even used wood planks to the back of her legs to render her immobile.

The need to live a life of disability

In order to curb her from inflicting any harm to herself, the diagnosis and her doctor’s approval for wheelchair use, allowed Chloe to live the life she always wanted. Being in a wheelchair helped her control her innate need to harm herself dangerously, but the urges to become paraplegic haven’t left her mind.

Chloe is struggling to find a doctor who would be ready to perform the surgery on her. But to no avail. Source: Rebel Circus

Chloe tried to get a procedure done that would paralyze her, for real. However, doctors stated that nobody would partake in such a procedure.

Source: Rebel Circus

For now, the desire lives deep within her mind and she uses her wheelchair as her primary mode of transportation. She hopes to one day have a procedure done by ‘cutting her sciatic and femoral nerves.’

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