Do You Want To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel? Here’s How

This may sound hard to believe, but many channeler’s of the “Higher Realm” say that anyone can communicate with angels. Yes, you heard me right, angels, as in the human-like spiritual beings with beautiful wings.

We all have angels that guide and protect us, and no matter how skeptic we are, we should at least try to communicate with them. Why? Well, because this way we’ll establish a stronger connection and will increase the love and guidance that we receive from them.

Here are ways that show us how we can communicate with our angelic guiders:

Raise your vibration

Angels have higher energetic vibrations and it’s easier for them to communicate with people that also have higher vibrations. This means the higher your energy vibration is, the easier it will be for you to hear and see them.

A few ways to increase your vibration energy is by: meditating, avoiding negative thoughts, being nicer to everyone and everything, being forgiving, spending time with Nature and try to connect with Mother Earth, using essential oils and crystals, getting Reiki energetic therapy, avoiding toxic substances like narcotics and alcohol, eating a healthy diet with less dairy and meat, surrounding yourself with positive people and finally, simply ask your angels to increase your vibration – they’ll do it!

Create a sacred space

Designate a sacred space in your house for when you meditate. You can place colorful, scented candles, light aromatic incense sticks and decorate it with beautiful crystals.

Spend a certain amount of time each day in your sacred space, which can be a corner in your room. Call upon angels before meditating and think of communicating with the divine.

Pray to your Angel

By praying daily, you increase the chances of communicating with your angel. Understand praying as a way to directly speak to your angel and let them know what lies deep in your soul. Let them know how you feel, how your life is going and if you have any burdens. If you need help, ask for help. Your angel will hear you and help.

The quality of your prayer lies in sincerity. Remember that you can call upon your angel at any given time – like before taking on a long journey, visiting an unknown place, deciding if someone’s your true love, contemplating if someone’s your friend and even trying to figure out who’s the right person to help you with a bureaucratic mess.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced similar situations and have asked for help deep inside us, and all of a sudden our issue gets solved. It’s like someone opened the window and let fresh air in.

Do you believe in angels? If so, have you ever communicated with one? Please comment below your experiences.


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