Elephants Wandered Into A Village, Got Drunk On 30kgs Of Corn Wine & Fell Asleep In A Tea Garden

Who ever would have thought we would live in a time of social distancing and so many major countries enforcing a lockdown situation?  Even though this pandemic is more than what we had imagined, Covid-19 has a significant silver lining for nature.

The joy of seeing swans and dolphins returning to frolic in the canals of Venice, Italy is a sure sign of how much of an impact humans have had on our natural resources.  Satellite pictures showing the massive decrease of Nitrogen Dioxide pollution over Italy are doing the rounds on the web for all to see.

A story of the 14 elephants that featured on Epicalyptic‘s Facebook page, although amusing to some, as these elephants drank 30kgs of cornwine and ended up passed out!  – it is not that funny, as these poor animals were looking for food and instead became so inebriated, they ended up passed out in a tea garden.

The point is that this story shows how much more work needs to be done to restore jungles and deforestation that just has continued unabated for too long

Source: Facebook

Even with the social distancing movement trending worldwide, there is much still to be done.  Planting more trees and stopping unnecessary developments, completing existing “white elephant” projects, a renewed sense of working together, reducing our waste and re-purposing is essential – it is no longer just a “greenies thing”.  This devastating Covid-19 outbreak hopefully is the clear sign to everyone to stop the ignorance and be mindful of what we have done to our beautiful planet.


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