Elon Musk Smoked Weed Live On The Internet During Explosive Interview With Joe Rogan

Elon Musk has smoked marijuana live on the internet while appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience web show.

The embattled Tesla billionaire took a pull on a huge joint during the course of an interview that lasted over two hours. He also swigged whisky from a tumbler.

At the time of writing, Musk had just wrapped up the explosive interview which included discussion on love, artificial intelligence, the state of the human race and his own feelings as head of Tesla and private space company SpaceX.

It follows a tumultuous few weeks where he doubled down on baseless claims that British driver Vernon Unsworth was a paedophile.

Elon Musk takes a drag on a spliff during his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience

During the course of a rambling discussion, Rogan asked Musk about his state of mind and the constant swirl of ideas that leads to him ‘inventing so many things.’

Musk responded that his brain is constantly filled with thoughts and that he can’t seem to get away from them. He called it a ‘mutation’.

Asked when he first became aware he was ‘different from other people’, the Tesla boss said he was about five or six years old.

‘At first I thought I was insane,’ he told the host.

He also says he ignores the vast majority of negative comments that come his way on the internet.

When quizzed on his use of Twitter to engage with people, Musk said his behaviour on Twitter was ‘on balance, more good than bad. But there’s definitely some bad. So, hopefully the good outweighs the bad.’

‘There’s a lot of negativity on Twitter,’ Musk added.

Earlier on in the interview, Musk referred to social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as ‘giant cybernetic collectives’. But, when referring to his own experiences, he explained that most of the time he is unaffected.

‘The vast majority of negative comments, I just ignore them. Every now and again I get drawn in and it’s not good, you can make some mistakes,’ he said.

Elon Musk speaking on the Joe Rogan web show

When pushed on the merits of deleting tweets and making mistakes, Musk admitted that once something is out there, it’s impossible to escape it.

‘I’m not sure why anyone thinks deleting a tweet will make it go away, he said, before referring to the fact anyone can screenshot or record a tweet and publish it elsewhere.

Musk’s tweets have drawn huge controversy in both his business and personal lives. He triggered a federal investigation when he tweeted that he was planning to take Tesla private and, later, started to post unsubstantiated claims about Unsworth.


Source: metro

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