Eye For An Eye – What Do Different Zodiac Signs Do To Their Wrongdoers?

Since childhood, we have been taught that the desire to take revenge is bad. But even the thought of taking revenge on someone who’s done you wrong is so satisfying. So, it’s not surprising that many people yield to the temptation of repaying their wrongdoers. And everyone does it differently. Astrologers claim that there is a correlation between a person’s style of taking revenge and zodiac sign. Let’s see if it is so!


How people of each zodiac sign take their revenge

1. Aries
Ariens never have a plan for revenge. They just immediately hit back without a second thought. But if you do something particularly unpleasant to Aries, then be sure they will take their time thinking how to get even.

2. Taurus
It is very easy to put Taurus out of temper. So, if you cross this sign of the zodiac, it is best to immediately hide. Anyway, it won’t help you because Taurus will find you anywhere.

3. Gemini
Be careful. Gemini will carefully create a plan for taking their revenge, using all your sore spots. And they rarely miss.

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4. Cancer
Cancer will take revenge when you least expect it. As soon as you think that they have forgotten about you, they will only start working on their evil plan.

5. Leo
Leos are so arrogant that they won’t get their hands dirty on you. They will take their revenge in a sophisticated way. They will turn their back on you when you need help.

6. Virgo
If you have a Virgo neighbor, then you’re out of luck. This sign never takes revenge personally. They would rather report you to the authorities for the slightest reason. Or in extreme cases, they can complain about you to other neighbors, spreading hurtful gossips.

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7. Libra
Libra people are very touchy but calm. In most cases, they let it slide if it’s a trifle.

8. Scorpio
Scorpios won’t rack their brains coming up with an original way to take revenge. They will do exactly the same thing that’s been done to them. At the same time, representatives of this sign will try to hurt their wrongdoer as bad as possible. Scorpios are notorious for their ‘venom,’ which often affects even their close ones.

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9. Sagittarius
Sagittarians prefer taking public revenge. If you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of a crowd, be nice to them.


10. Capricorn
What is Capricorns’ idea of revenge? The good old silent treatment! It can come as real punishment for some people, while others consider it a gift!

11. Aquarius
Aquarians will remember what you did to them for a long time. They will not get tired of bringing up the grudge to hurt you.

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12. Pisces
A pained expression is Pisces’ best weapon. Everyone finds it terribly annoying, including the wrongdoer!


The next time you start plotting your revenge, remember that the pleasant aftertaste won’t last long. Maybe it’s better to forgive? What do you think?


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