February’s Full Moon In Virgo Will Bring Powerful Cleansing & Recharging Energy

The full moon 19 February 2019 falls at 0º Virgo. This is an important full moon that triggers fixed star Regulus that moved into the sign of Virgo in November 2011. In the post I discuss the themes of this paradigm shift and what that means for the collective. The Full moon is also trine Uranus and is associated with the tarot card the 8 of Pentacles. The Healing crystal will be the orange Carnelian which is associated with Virgo and Isis.

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Full Moon February Astrology ~ Virgo Decan 1
The Moon in Virgo decan 1 although modest in power, is pretty good at manifestation as long as the moon is waxing. So up until this Full Moon is a powerful time for those manifesting. It can also be used for creating the means for you to be able to say bye-bye to people or situations that have been keeping you enslaved. Otherwise, after this Full Moon has peaked, the waning cycle will show up any cracks and defects in people or projects that you might have been ignoring.

Full Moon February 2019Virgo generally is known for perfection, but in Virgo decan 1 if this Full Moon can’t be perfect then it will be perfectly flawed and make an artistic statement out of that fact. Healing hands can work miracles. If we are not particularly drawn to healing at this time, then this manual dexterity can work ‘miracles’ in other ways. There is cathartic angst in very physical strumming, scribbling (like Abstract expressionism!) or just scrubbing the house like a mad person. However we use our hands, this Full Moon gives them the ability to work hard at purging toxins. Sometimes this exposure does not look pretty and in the collective (or those touched by this Full Moon) we could see some very ugly full moon behaviour.

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Full Moon February Star ~ Regulus
Regulus 29º ~ “ Occult interests, powerful friends, danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honor, wealth, benefits seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness. Make women high spirited and independent. [1] “A natural leader who leads by love and devotion, rather than power or authority. To be drawn to a humanitarian career and to be loved by others. Event-driven, pride in success and anger at failure.” [2]

Regulus. This bright triple star flashes white and ultramarine. Regulus, Cor Leonis (Lionheart) is one of the four royal Persian stars and archangels that guarded the cardinal points in the heavens (circa 3000-2500 BC). It also lies directly on the Sun’s ecliptic path making it extra powerful. Traditionally it has mixed reviews, verging from great fortune, status, honour and fame to scandal, downfall, disgrace and ruin. Much depends on how Regulus is configured in the chart.

Full Moon February 2019Regulus is frequently brandished as a fortunate star. Its success comes from daring, impulsive leaps. But they can also fail spectacularly too so they need to plan carefully. If we look at how cats hunt we get an idea. They slowly creep up on their prey (or project). It looks like nothing is happening for ages and then boom, suddenly they are there, shocking, carnal, with saucer black eyes high from the adrenalin blood rush.

Their instincts take over and congeniality goes out the window. After that they show off like nobody’s business, proudly displaying their prize catch. This may get quite vulgar and uncouth even, but they are forgiven. These cats have big generous hearts, and their unashamed pride, openness and honesty are refreshing.

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Now how does all that blood-and-guts fair in sophisticated Virgo now that Regulus has precessed into this sign? In the Regulus post, I go into detail what this shift might mean. “Could Regulus crossing this symbolic sphinx cusp, Leo to Virgo, herald the age of Aquarius? Many astrologers speculate that Virgo will teach Leo to put aside ego, dispense personal glory, become more humanitarian and have respect for mother Earth itself. Other ‘star seed’ type commentators describe a switch from service-to-self (Leo) towards service-to-others. (Virgo=Service, Aquarius=Others). Now all this assumes that Leo’s ego is somehow a bad thing!

Conversely, however, those with a weak sense of self are also those that suffer from narcissistic personality disorders (And other related Dark triad traits. See Ceres post.) Without strong sovereignty, service-to-others can become co-dependancy and pathological altruism! Does this mean Regulus into Virgo leaves us with a feminised, impotent neuter cat? Certainly not! A positive transition of Regulus into Virgo should hopefully give us a Hieros Gamos, the inner marriage within ourselves.” Maybe we shall learn the secret of the Sphinx.

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Full Moon February 2019 Tarot Card
Full Moon 8 PentaclesThe tarot card associated with this full moon February 2019 is the 8 of pentacles. This is a card of commitment and craftsmanship. Karmically this will be a life where one pays a lot of attention to detail and completing tasks. Education and scholarships are important and it is about giving something back.

In this life, however, the native must learn “you may be working hard to build a secure future for you and your partner or family. Make sure you remember to go home regularly and make some time for fun and social activities. The type of person you are leaves you exposed and vulnerable to becoming a workaholic. If you let this happen, then it may very well destroy your lovely relationship. You must work hard at striking the right balance. (This life)you can have both you know!” ~ teachmetarot.

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Full moons tend to make us purge and release things from our lives, so we need to make sure that we are in control of this and no one is forcing our hand! Sometimes we can let go of things that we regret later, due to heightened emotions and the full moon’s perchance for saying ‘F*** You!’ The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious and our shadow. This can feel uncomfortable as the Sun literally blasts out the demons who have nowhere to hide. Often the full moon is a time when we reap what we sowed at the new moon,.. for good or for ill.

The veils between the worlds are thinnest around a full Moon, so be very careful what you invite in. Instead, the full Moon is best used to purge things out, and banish entities/bad habits back to the underworld from whence they came. Make sure you close the door firmly afterwards! This is a good time for exorcism, but make sure you are completely grounded and fully in control of the process. If in doubt, lie low and protect yourself. A Lunar Eclipse is a turbocharged Full Moon where the blood-red moon makes a graphic statement of any symbolic ‘deaths’ or aborted projects that might occur at this time in our lives.

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Full Moon February Aspect ~ Trine Uranus
Moon trine Uranus brings an abundance of radical and innovative energy through an individual into the public eye. At this time the worlds self-assured rebels take to the stage. These will be folk who don’t give a fig about conforming to the status quo. Those touched by this full moon have the opportunity to bring to fruition; personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish behaviour presented, the more the public seems to lap it up. The trine is supposedly harmonious energy, but we still get some challenge with this aspect. Having such strong courage of one’s convictions will often provoke criticism, fear and even envy from the conformists. Often this aspect’s critics are the very people who would love to lead a more honest lifestyle but are far too constrained by the fear of being rejected by their peers.

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