Finally, The Rain Pours In Australia Putting Out Over 30 Deadly Wild Fires

After what seems forever, finally, Parts of Australia get a bit of relief. Rain has started pouring from the skies, putting out over 30 deadly wild fires.

Thunder storms and heavy rains have extinguished 32 bushfires in New South Wales alone. It reduced the amount from 120 to 88 fires on Thursday. And more rain is predicted. The Bureau of Meteorology are expecting 30 and 80mm worth of rain in the east of New South Wales, between now and Sunday.

Hopefully the exhausted firefighters will finally be able to take a well deserved break. It took a while before the fires in Australia hit the international news but these firefighters have been working nonstop for almost 3 months now.

Image credits: Boredpanda

The regions of New South Wales and Victoria, have received approximately 15mm of rain that was so desperately needed this Wednesday and Thursday. The severe thunderstorms have also caused flooding in Melbourne. While the rain has dampened the fires, more than 80 of them continue burning in the New South Wales area and 18 of them – in Victoria.

Image credit: BoredPanda

Meteorologist have reported that, “The hit & miss nature of thunderstorms means it’s difficult to forecast exactly where the heaviest rain will be—some parts of bushfire & drought-affected eastern Australia could see 50–100 mm over the next few days; while others may see very little.”

But this is not the end. There are still many fires active. So any rain is good news for Australia at the moment. Also the animal population will hopefully finally get a chance to settle again. Since the fires began a little over 3-months ago, well over a half a billion animals have lost their lives.

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