Gorgeous Cakes Look Like They’re Covered in Embroidered Patterns

Can you even believe an amazing baker is whipping up ’embroidered’ cakes? Honestly it sounds insane. And yet it makes perfect sense when you see them. But also, they look too pretty to eat. And yet, they are SO appealing.

These cakes are created by self-described ‘flour child’ Leslie Vigil. A very talented baker. Using piped icing to mimic the satin stitch, Leslie creates a tapestry-like surface decoration that’s reminiscent of embroidered Mexican dresses. Often, the stylized hearts and flowers are paired with three-dimensional buttercream flowers as well as cupcakes.

For more of Leslie’s amazing work, check out her Instagram. These embroidered cakes are just the tip of the iceberg. Leslie is a true genius.

h/t: Meet Me at Mikes

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