Guy Rescues Abandoned Dog And Helps Him Recover Back To His Beautiful “Husky” Self

A young man was strolling down the streets of Denpasar, Bali one random day only to find an abandoned dog in a horrible state. The dog had bald patches exposing many sores on it’s body and his coat was full of mange.

The poor thing was clearly sick and very weak as a cause of the neglect. He could barely stand up by himself. The dog’s condition was so poor that he looked like a skeleton. His nails were long and dirty and obviously hadn’t been trimmed in a very long while.

The local vet said that if Rico had found him any later, he would probably not have been able to be saved. Lucky he did find him though and was able to help this neglected pup back to his full strength. Rico had such a good heart for helping this dog feel more like himself again.

Rico started by trimming off all the matted fur and then gave him a good bath. Something this dog obviously knew nothing about. Once all the dirt and fleas were off Rico was able to clean his sores to enable them to heal quicker. A proper feeding schedule was implemented for the dog with good quality food and he visited the vet quite regularly to ensure all was going well.


No one was sure what type of breed the dog was and it was hard to even guess with the state he was in. It didn’t matter though as all Rico really cared about was helping him recover. As the dog regained it’s energy and became healthier his wild spirit returned and his regrowing fur confirmed him to be a Husky.


The happy, healthy Husky rewarded Rico with lots of love and affection, always showing how grateful he truly is to his new friend for rescuing him and helping him recover into the beautiful dog he once was. It is sad that any do should have to go through this at all, but when it does it is great to have people like Rico to save them.

This once lost and ugly dog now has a beautiful thick black and white coat at only ten months later. He is happy and healthy and strong as ever in the best home he could ever ask for, with his very own human who cares for very deeply.


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