Gymnast Gets Perfect Score For Epic Michael Jackson’s Floor Routine

Being a gymnast brings many positive life lessons that are taught outside this sport. Such lessons will help each gymnast grow as a person as well as a gymnast. It will teach them discipline, determination, toughness, balance, consistency, and teamwork.

Gymnasts have the ability to push their bodies to their outer boundaries, showing feats of flexibility that seem almost superhuman. Their flips, tumbles, and leaps are amusing to watch, which is why gymnastics is one of the most popular Olympic sports. When looking from gymnasts’ point of view, such moves may look easy peasy simply squeezy, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Behind every split-second move we see, there are numberless hours of practice and training. There’s a lot of mental strength and physical agility in equal parts required.

Talking about gymnasts, thousands of people are obsessed and falling in love with a gymnast’s standing-ovation worthy performance. UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi has taken the internet by storm with her incredible Michael Jackson floor routine, and it’s sure to make you want to get up and dance along.

At the 2018 Pac 12 Championships, Katelyn performed an incredible floor routine set to a medley of Michael Jackson hits, including “Thriller” and “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

With her flawless and sassy routine, she got the perfect score; she scored 9.95 out of 10, and she needed to achieve the minimum of 9.6 to win the competition.

The talented gymnast, Katelyn not only nailed her tricks, but she was also incredibly skilled in throwing some dance moves. She included a killer moonwalk to finish it with an insane drop split that’ll have your jaw on the damn floor.

UCLA gymnast

As soon as the music is played, the talented gymnast begins to twirl, tumble, and flip on the mat as the audience cheer on her.

Since the video of her performing was shared on Facebook, the video has been watched over 52 million times!

Join the fans who have already admired Katelyn’s now-viral MJ-themed routine by playing the video below:

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