He’ll Only Do These 15 Things If He’s Committed To Only You

Whenever you get into a new relationship, you hope that it will last. But every once in a while, a guy turns out to be a total dud, and it blindsides you. We spend so much time trying to figure out whether or not a guy is worth it, and when you genuinely feel like he is and then he turns around and screws up, it hurts. There’s no denying that.

So, how in the world do you see a guy’s true colors? Are there any surefire signs that he’s not going to break your heart? Well, we can’t predict the future, and you can never know with absolute certainty whether or not a guy is worth it. Relationships will always be complicated. People can and do change all the time, and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. But there are definitely a few telltale signs that a guy is committed to you and only you! It doesn’t mean that your relationship will be perfect or last forever, but it does mean that you can trust he won’t dump you out of the blue or cheat on you. Here are 15 clear signs he is committed to only you.

15 Take You On A Real Date

Going on real “dates” is becoming rarer and rarer these days. So many relationships begin as a “friends with benefits” situation, and the guy will never end up asking the girl on a real date. Now, it is 2018, so if you want to go ahead and ask a guy on a date first, you should go for it! There’s nothing stopping you. But if you want to see if a guy is truly into you or not, give him a little time to ask you on an actual date. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner and a movie, but something that shows actual planning beyond, “Hey, my friend is having a party, come through.” A guy who makes the effort to decide on a plan and treat you to a nice date is more committed.

14 Trust You With His Phone

So many couples these days get into fights over social media. It can start a ton of drama. Technology also makes it easier to be sneaky and talk to an ex or another girl behind your back. It’s enough to make a girl feel like she has to sleep with one eye open and constantly make sure that her man isn’t acting shady! But there are some trustworthy guys out there who will always be loyal. If a guy is totally cool with you borrowing his phone and doesn’t bother hiding anything on it, that’s always a good sign. It means that he has nothing to hide. And if a guy is totally fine with you knowing his phone password, that’s even better. An honest guy won’t bother hiding his texts.

13 Introduce You To His Family

Many guys these days don’t make the effort to introduce girls to their families. This is because dating is often so casual that people do not see it as a big deal. But honestly, it’s a very important step in any relationship. It means that the guy cares enough about you to introduce you to the other important people in his life. It also means that he wants his family to like you! When a guy introduces you to his family, it means that he considers you to be a very special person in his life. If he just saw you as a casual hook up, trust us, he would not be bringing you over to have dinner with his parents! This is a sure sign of commitment.

12 Travel With You

Taking a trip together is a major step for any couple. It’s so easy for things to go wrong when you travel. You can end up getting into silly fights over small mistakes, you have to stick together and work out issues like finding your way in an unfamiliar place, and you’ll probably end up feeling hungry, cranky, and jet lagged at some point. But if a guy wants to travel with you, and you actually manage to get along during the trip, consider him committed! It means he’s willing to do some serious planning with you in order to ensure that you both have a good time, save a decent amount of money to put towards a trip with you, and wants to experience the best of life with you by his side.

11 Encourage You To Have A Girls Night

Some guys get very jealous when you want to spend time with your own friends, separate from him. Isn’t that the worst? It’s not good for a couple to be attached at the hip all of the time. Everyone really needs their own space and their own group of friends, too. If a guy gets possessive over you and doesn’t want you to spend time with your girlfriends, he most likely has some insecurity issues, and he may not be the best guy to date. But if a guy actually encourages you to spend quality time with your friends and have some independence, it’s a really good sign. It shows that he is totally comfortable spending time apart and trusts that you’re being honest with him.

10 Memorize Your Coffee Order

It’s the little things, right? When a guy knows just what you need, right when you need it, it’s always a pleasant surprise. Plus, anyone who takes the time to memorize little details about you is usually a keeper. It shows that they pay attention to the small things that other people might not notice. Now, every girl has a usual coffee order. Whether you like cappuccinos or macchiatos or you’re always craving pumpkin spice lattes (even in the summer), you probably know your “usual” by heart. If a guy learns your usual coffee order and surprises you with it every once in a while, it means he cares enough to notice the little things that you enjoy. It’s a sure sign that he’s falling in love!

9 Go Shopping With You

Okay, what guy would want to go shopping? Is this a myth? Well, let’s clear a few things up—a good boyfriend may not want to go shopping with you, but he’ll sometimes do it anyway. Guys may not enjoy shopping as much as girls do, and it’s not like you would want to drag him along on every single shopping trip, but if a guy goes shopping with you every once in a while without serious complaining, consider it a win. We all know that guys don’t exactly love to go shopping, but the point here is that he’s doing something nice with you just because you enjoy it, even if it’s not his favorite thing in the world. It’s a sweet gesture, and he wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t committed.

8 Make Plans For The Future

This is a major one! A guy who is not committed to you will not make serious plans for the future. For example, he might make throwaway comments about going to a certain restaurant one day or taking a road trip, but he will never make any concrete plans. But a guy who truly loves you will think far ahead because he will anticipate being with you months and months from now. He won’t hesitate to say that you should schedule something six months from today, or even suggest going to an event that isn’t happening for another year because he wants to still be with you at that point. A guy who refuses to make real plans for the future is not a guy worth staying with!

7 Write You Love Letters

This such a cute, old-fashioned activity. It’s definitely not very common in the days of Tinder and other dating apps, but there are still guys who will do it! If a guy ever writes you a love letter, it means he is head over heels for you! This is such a sweet and romantic thing to do for a woman. It’s a guarantee that he is super into you. No guy who just sees you as a casual fling would ever take the time and effort to write a love letter. It just does not happen. The same guy who texts you “Wyd?” at 3 a.m. will not sit down to write a love letter. Nope, the type of guy who writes a love letter is the type of guy who really cares.

6 Invite You To Hang Out With His Friends

Remember how earlier, we mentioned that if a guy is comfortable with you making plans with your girlfriends and not including him, that means he feels secure and committed in your relationship? Well, if he invites you to hang out with him and his friends, it means he wants to include you in his core circle. Many guys will get annoyed if their girlfriends try to join in while they are hanging out with their friends, but if a guy is happy to have you tag along sometimes, it’s a positive sign. It’s important to have balance in your relationships. For example, you want to be able to hang out with each others’ friends and with your own groups—you need some mutual friends and some independence.

5 Notice When You Get A Haircut

Men are usually totally blind to a girl getting a new haircut. How many times have you gotten a haircut or even dyed your hair, happy to show it off to your guy and get a compliment, only to have him stay totally silent when you walked in the room? Yeah, it’s just common knowledge that men do not seem to notice when we get out hair cut. But if you find a guy who really takes note of those tiny details, he will definitely throw a compliment your way when you get your haircut! He may not notice a small trim, of course, but if you look good, he’ll say something. So take note of the guys who actually say something after you get a haircut.

4 Hold Your Hand In Public

Some guys don’t like to show off their girlfriends in public. Um, what? If you’re dating, you should be totally proud to be with her. You should be happy to walk down the street hand in hand, so everyone can look at you and think, “Wow, who’s the lucky guy?” If a guy refuses to hold your hand in public, there is a reason for it. Something is up. Maybe he doesn’t want other women to know that he is in a relationship because he still wants their attention, or maybe he is secretly embarrassed to be with you but doesn’t want to be alone. It’s so messed up! If he is truly committed to you, he would be happy to hold your hand all the time.

3 Text You Little Reminders

There is nothing sweeter than a consistent “good morning” and “good night” text from the same guy! It means he is thinking of you first thing in the morning when he wakes up and last thing at night before he falls asleep. But a guy who goes beyond that and also texts you nice little reminders is even better. For instance, texting you to drive safe when he knows that you have a long drive ahead, wishing your parents or siblings a happy birthday, letting you know that he saw something that reminded him of you—all of these would be good signs. Once again, it’s all about remembering those little things. That’s what really keeps a relationship going at the end of the day.

2 Say “I Love You” First

When a guy says “I love you” first, it’s definitely a pretty big deal! That’s the funny thing about relationships—guys are typically expected to ask the girl out first, but since we see girls as being more emotional than guys, many guys will be hesitant to say “I love you” before their girlfriend does. So if a guy decides to let his guard down and take that first step by saying those three little words, it’s a great sign for you. It means that he is okay with you seeing him vulnerable. It means that he trusts you, because after you hear those words, he believes that you won’t manipulate him or abuse his feelings for you. This is one of the most obvious signs that he is truly committed.

1 Give You Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts have so much more meaning than store bought gifts! Now, this doesn’t mean that a guy doesn’t love you if he buys you gifts from stores that you like. But a guy who puts in the extra effort to create something for you is worth holding on to. This shows that he is willing to put in the time and energy to create something special and unique, just for you. Many guys don’t get in touch with their creative side, which is a real shame. But a guy who goes out of his way to create something homemade for you is definitely a special guy! The gifts that he gives you will be keepsakes that you can hold on to forever to represent your great memories together.

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