Here Is The One Thing Each Zodiac Sign Hates Doing In A Relationship

Relationships are hard, let alone those relationships that turn into marriage. Trying to live harmoniously with another human being is impossible in the first place. Then, you throw in love, lust, stress, and frustration… the daily grind of your 9 to 5 job, time for intimacy, friendship investments, and family bonding… a lot of the time it seems impossible to make a relationship work. Both people need to be present, be patient, and be willing to work on their shortcomings.

We each have our own personalities, interests, and quirks which align with our zodiac sign. We know that Pisces are emotional and sensitive. We know that Geminis are balanced and intelligent, but also moody and devious. When all of these signs are in relationships, things tend to get messy, especially if these sign are not always compatible.

Below we outline what each zodiac sign hates doing in a relationship, both guys and girls. This way, we can all work on doing the exact opposite of what our significant others’ dislike, what makes them cringe, and what makes them angry. Or– we can finally realize that we’re horrible for each other in all the worst or best ways. Read on for more!

24. Gemini Guys: Really Dislikes Giving Up Their Social Life

Gemini guy is the quintessential, classic, and timeless ‘life of the party’ type. He gives off a lot of charisma and openness in social situations and, even between the two of you, he is fun and charismatic always. In a professional setting, people rely on him to get the job done and do it with a smile. Regardless of this flirty disposition, he is still loyal, so if you are a jealous type (like a Scorpio or Cancer), he is going to grow to hate your obsession over controlling what he is doing. Slowly, he will notice that if he is home and with you that you will be happier, and that will upset him because a Gemini guy will not be willing to give up his social life. In fact, he would hate giving it up and it could very well ruin your relationship.

23. Gemini Girls: Hates Having To Cling To Anyone

Gemini girls are balanced, clever, and incredibly intelligent. They can be social if they want to or a hermit curled up on the couch if they want to. They are flexible when it comes to their careers, often switching jobs within their field to figure out the perfect fit for them. They are flexible in a social setting, choosing to be the life of the party or step back and hang out with just a few people. What the Gemini girl is not flexible with is being the clingy girlfriend. If she decides to be social and friendly, you better believe nothing should stop her. Don’t expect her to be clingy and attached to your hip because a Gemini girl will not be that type for you.

22. Cancer Guys: Doesn’t Like When Their SO Gives Them A Hard Time

Cancer guys are confident when they want to be and insecure all the other times. They have mood swings just like Cancer girls, but in a different form. In their sense, they can be social and fun and open one minute. Then, something could set off their insecurities, and they will be a crab in a shell. They will retract, be incredibly quiet, and become very unsocial. Furthermore, a Cancer guy is a momma’s boy, so he will want to please her as well. That is why a Cancer guy would hate if you were hard on them. Do you have them under a microscope? Do you attack or belittle the things that they do? A Cancer guy is hard on himself already. Don’t be another one to do the same thing.

21. Cancer Girls: Hates When They Don’t Get Attention They Crave

A Cancer girl is a complicated woman. She can be social, outgoing, more fun than a ferris wheel, and amazingly confident in several situations. But underneath all of that, she is very much a woman that tests herself, questions her confidence, and isn’t sure about many things she does or says. That’s okay because it is good that a Cancer girl is self-reflective, but sometimes it can get the best of her. Regardless, she loves attention and may need a lot of it in a relationship. That’s why what she hates the most is not getting any attention. She will fight to the death for it and make sure you know she needs it. It is best to give it to her and always reassure her in other circumstances.

20. Leo Guys: Confrontation Is His Middle Name

A Leo guy is incredibly confrontational, but rightfully so. He is also a strong leader, an aggressively opinionated man, and a dominant person in every situation– especially when it comes to your relationship. It is no wonder why the thing he hates most in a relationship is being confronted the way that he would. If you are arguing and you confront him, become aggressive, and attack him verbally, he will confront you even harder. He will fire back. He will not want to back down, so you will have to in order to better your relationship. You will have to control your emotions and the situation so it does not escalate. Simply allow him to take his own time to deal with it and handle it later.

19. Leo Girls: Dislikes Someone That Controls Everything They Do

Leo girls have a lot of confidence, tact, boldness, and bravery that few others have. They don’t take no from virtually anyone. They want everyone to know, understand, AND agree with their opinion. They are intricate, but also quite simple, because their ego is the most important thing to them. That is why, in a relationship, their significant other should not enjoy control as much as they do. Personalities will clash. The relationship will end in disaster. A Leo girl has to think she is in control. No, she has to know it. She will make plans for you, control the talks when you disagree, and help you with virtually every decision (not because she wants to, but because she has to– in her mind).

18. Virgo Guys: Really Hates Showing Too Much Emotion

A Virgo guy goes through his daily routine alone and independently. He loves having someone to share it with, but certainly does not need them to be there. He is practical in every sense of the word, making the most rational decision in EVERY situation. That is right, he doesn’t use his emotions for decisions or choices AT ALL. He goes with what is best, with what makes the most sense. That’s why he doesn’t like dating someone that shows a lot of emotion so frequently. He does not know how to support them because it isn’t how he does things. He tries his best, as he is practical and understands he should, but truly can’t connect to his emotions the way maybe A Pisces or a Scorpio can.

17. Virgo Girls: Doesn’t Like A Guy Who Is More Sociable Than Them

A Virgo girl is a very reserved introvert. She likes going to the movies alone, laying on the beach with her music on, and shopping early in the morning when it is still quiet. She will be social if she needs to be, but rarely prefers to do so. Like a Virgo man, she is also practical, rational, and analytical. The best decision is always the one that makes the most sense. It is that simple. But, because of her introverted disposition, she does not like dating men who are overly social. A Gemini or a Cancer guy would not be best for her. She will grow to hate the person she is dating because she just simply does not enjoy the social part of life.

16. Libra Guys: Hates When Someone Can’t Let The Little Things Go

A Libra guy is simple, outgoing, and intelligent. He is friendly with all of those around him. He doesn’t like a whole lot of drama and does not want to have confrontation often. That is because he is easygoing and peaceful, often preferring to focus on is friends and his work. That is why when you disagree, you should make it as peaceful and fair as possible. If you start to raise your voice, bring things up from the past, or make sarcastic comments, a Libra guy will begin to really dislike your relationship. If you push him, he will grow to be inconsiderate, spiteful, and sarcastic. He hates drama and hates when someone can’t let something go. It is a simple thing to do, but when emotions get involved, it can be hard.

15. Libra Girls: Doesn’t Like Feeling Judged

Just like a Libra man, a Libra girl is openly friendly. She has many social circles and she enjoys being out and about with her friends. She is easygoing and does not need to be the center of attention; it is simply good for her to be out and in good company. However, a Libra woman does need approval from others in many parts of her life, so she tends to get defensive if she feels like someone is judging her. If in a relationship with a Libra girl, be careful with what you say and when you say it. She is sensitive to your words and your thoughts, so be gentle during arguments or she will turn into an unemotional, rude, and inconsiderately miserable mess.

14. Scorpio Guys: Doesn’t Like A Girl He Can’t Trust

A Scorpio guy is passionate about many things. He likes having hobbies and being busy. He enjoys his job, doing things around the house, and spending time with family and friends. He feels very deeply, even though he may not always express that. He can be stubborn and opinionated, too, so anyone that challenges him will feel the repercussions of that. However, the most miserable thing in a relationship according to a Scorpio is dating someone he cannot trust. He is overly suspicious and emotional. He can also get obsessive, especially if you are doing things that you shouldn’t be. Scorpio men do have tempers due to their passionate dispositions, but they still deserve someone who will commit to them in the most faithful way possible.

13. Scorpio Girls: Hates A Lack Of Commitment

A Scorpio girl is obsessive, sometimes in a good way or a bad way. How can there be a good way? You’re probably asking that same question. Well, when a Scorpio woman commits, she throws her whole heart and soul into a relationship. She is compassionate and kind, wanting to give her love everything he deserves. A Scorpio girl is also sexy, sympathetic, and sensitive. So if she is with someone that doesn’t want to commit, she quickly grows to despise that about them. She wonders what is wrong with her, questions his motives, and becomes obsessed with wondering what is going on. A Scorpio should commit to a Cancer man or a Sagittarius man because they will give her the security that she needs.

12. Sagittarius Guys: Hates A Boring And Homely Girl

A Sagittarius guy is easygoing and carefree. He is positive and fun, never letting things get him down because that just isn’t his style. He is always happy, upbeat, and ready for any social setting. Because of his happy disposition, a Sagittarius man will not be into a girl that is boring or tends to want to be at home a lot. He rarely sits at home and watches television or sits on the computer a lot. He hates girls that don’t like to be social because he knows it will cause problems in their relationship. A Sagittarius man needs a girl that is easily independent, charismatic, and open on her own. A Gemini girl or a Cancer girl would be perfect for him because he won’t have to be her pillar that often.

11. Sagittarius Girls: Really Hates Someone Who Can’t Commit To Them

Similar to a Sagittarius man, a Sagittarius woman is social and fun. She loves to be around people and is a great friend to those close to her, her acquaintances, and anyone she meets. She is genuinely happy and carefree, not wanting little things to affect her mood. She is completely the opposite of a Pisces or a Cancer, because they let every little thing affect them. One thing a Sagittarius girl hates in a relationship is a man that can’t commit. Even though she is carefree and independent in every aspect of her life, she still doesn’t want to waste her time. Her time is important to her and could be spent doing adventurous and bold things if she isn’t with someone that will support her needs and wants.

10. Capricorn Guys: Hates Someone That Can’t Keep Up With Their Routine

A Capricorn guy is simple– and by simple we mean borderline boring. We’re sorry, but it’s true! They do have great qualities though. They are down-to-earth and patient. They do have a good sense of humor and they are kind to everyone they meet. However, they crave routine and stability, so anything that goes against that is something that they cannot handle. They do not like adventure (unless it is planned). They don’t like spontaneity unless they can be prepared for it (which I think loses its’ spontaneous nature, don’t you think?). This is why a Capricorn guy hates dating someone that can’t keep routine. It will make him anxious. The woman will get bored and arguments will ensue because they just will not see eye to eye every time they try to make plans.

9. Capricorn Girls: Dislikes Someone That Tries To Depict Their Emotions

Just like a Capricorn man, a Capricorn lady likes routine and stability, almost to a fault. They are rational to the point of an eye roll and they are slow moving in every part of life. This is not to say they are not successful, but they work on things on their own time and in their own way. Every decision is made with a practical disposition and sensible demeanor. Their emotions will rarely, if ever, play a factor in their decision making process. That is why a by-the-book and stable Capricorn girl will not like dating someone who is emotional or who makes decisions based off of their heart and their wants. A Capricorn girl could not date a Pisces or a Sagittarius man easily.

8. Aquarius Guys: Doesn’t Like Someone Too Introverted

Watch out for this social and confident man. An Aquarius guy is determined in every part of his life– professionally, personally, and internally. He is persuasive and willful, strong in his opinions and able to convince others very easily of what he thinks and why it makes sense. He can be unpredictable and unreliable because he loves an adventure and loves to be social. In fact, most of his life revolves around having fun with his loyal and equally fun friends. It is very important to him. That is why an Aquarius guy does not like a girl who is reserved or closed off. He would not be suitable for a Virgo or a Gemini girl, but a Cancer or a Sagittarius girl would be super fun and perfect for him.

7. Aquarius Girls: Hates A Guy That Can’t Stay Loyal

An Aquarius girl is many things. She is persuasive in a way that makes people really agree and empathize with her. She is sensible with decisions she makes, even though sometimes it is hard for her. She is determined to accomplish her goals in life, in any way she can. But the most important trait of an Aquarius girl is her loyalty. That is right– she is the most loyal friend and person of all the zodiacs. That’s why it makes complete sense that she would hate dating a guy that she cannot trust. If you are interested in an Aquarius girl but not looking to commit, don’t bother. She will not last long if she thinks you may hurt her. She wants someone that is equally loyal for her.

6. Pisces Guys: Dislikes A Girl That Has The Potential To Hurt Them

A Pisces guy is incredibly sensitive and will wear his heart on his sleeve. He loves so much and so fully. When he meets a girl that he likes, he becomes infatuated very quickly. He falls head over heels in love within weeks, if not days. He will trust you, respect you, and give you the world in any and every way that he can. This is evident and obvious from the first moment he realizes it. So it is probably obvious that the thing he hates most in a relationship is being hurt, in any way or shape or form. He doesn’t want you to leave him, yell at him, or hurt him. He will always want to work through things calmly and effectively and will hate any negative emotion that is between the two of you.

5. Pisces Girls: Doesn’t Like The ‘Overly Cool’ Guy

A Pisces girl loves a guy that can support her, learn with her, and love her fully. Similar to a Pisces guy, she doesn’t want confrontation and she doesn’t want to be hurt. But there are plenty of men that will hurt her on her road to finding the one that will not. One of those guys will be the cool, overly ‘macho’ type that is more worried about himself than her wellbeing. He will be the one not ready for a relationship, but will try anyway. This will be the thing she hates the most because she knows she is meant for someone that treats her better. She will learn a lot from this mistake though and pretty soon she will find that special man that gives her all the right things at the right time.

4. Aries Guys: Dislikes Someone That Won’t Take Risks With Him

An Aries guy is full of surprises. He is bold, adventurous, and brave. Because of this fun disposition, an Aries man will tend to be inconsistent and very unreliable. Regardless, he will commit to the person that he loves. But he will not settle for someone that likes routine and stability, like say a Capricorn or a Virgo. No, he wants someone that will go skydiving with him, move across the country on a whim, and elope just for the hell of it. Do now and ask questions later, he’ll say. He hates being in a boring and bland relationship, as he is direct, adventurous, and loves a challenge. Be bold and spontaneous. Be enthusiastic and ambitious. Be independent, but support him in his thirst for that adventure, too.

3. Aries Girls: Hates The Guy Who Acts Like She Needs Him

There is one thing an Aries woman hates and that is someone, anyone (maybe everyone), thinking that they need them. An Aries woman is independent, ambitious in her own dreams, and completely self-sufficient. She is brutally honest, whether those around her like it or not. She tends to keep to herself and rarely puts herself into social situations unless she has to. Virtually, she thinks she is above it. That is why an Aries girl does not like any man that thinks she needs him. She doesn’t want anyone to think she is dependent or enthusiastic about anyone but herself and her goals. She needs a man that is independent in his own way, social on his own time, and reassuring when they are just alone together.

2. Taurus Guys: Hates Irresponsible Girls

A Taurus guy is completely loyal to his girl, no matter what. He is generous and giving with all those around him, too. He is protective of himself and hides his feelings because he doesn’t want to get hurt. But the most important thing about a Taurus guy is his responsibility and that is that it is of the utmost importance to him. He likes routine, always checks off his lists, dots his i’s and crosses his t’s. So if he is dating a girl that is irresponsible and a little too wild, he will not be happy for very long. A Sagittarius girl would be way too much for him. A Taurus man is better off with a Gemini girl because of her reserved, introverted ways.

1. Taurus Girls: Needs Someone Who Is Flexible

An opinionated and direct Taurus girl is a lot of good things. She is smart, passionate, a good friend, generous, and persistent. She is also responsible with every little thing she does. The problem with a Taurus girl is her complete lack of flexibility. She does not like change and doesn’t really like people that challenge their opinions either. They do believe they are right often and are brutally honest. That is why a Taurus girl hates someone that is equally inflexible. She needs a man that is flexible to balance out her inflexibility. If two people in a relationship are equally inflexible, the two will not last long together. A Taurus girl needs someone to let her have the schedule and routine that she wants.

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