Here’s Your Daily Horoscope For January 22, 2018


The Moon enters your sign today, dear Aries, and you’re in great shape for attending to your personal needs and goals. This is the time of the lunar month for causing a bit of a stir, coloring outside the lines, and following your heart. This can only happen after you’ve paid your duties their due attention this morning, however, when the Moon and Saturn clash, reminding you that you’re better off getting these things out of the way so that you can feel better about the rest of the day. From then on, the focus is on you and the things that boost your spirits. Kinks in your plans can undoubtedly occur now, but you can effectively extract from them just the right motivation to set things right.


Support comes from behind the scenes or from within today with the Moon in your privacy sector all day, dear Taurus. This morning, the Moon clashes with Saturn, however, and this can stimulate an escapist urge that you can’t quite get away with or get to fulfill! You’ll benefit from some personal time and space now. Despite some ups and downs this morning, you’re in an excellent position to dream, imagine, and enjoy where your mind is taking you. It’s appropriate to conserve your energy in preparation for busier days to come or to take a breather in whatever way you can — ideally, in a manner that relaxes you the most.


This is a day for easing up on professional concerns and letting go of pressures to perform and excel, dear Gemini, if only briefly. You can really use some extra time with people who genuinely allow you to be yourself or spend time in surroundings in which you can feel comfortably free. You can feel connected emotionally and spiritually with people in your life today, although the morning may find you struggling with coolness in a relationship or facing a stark reality. As the day progresses, you’ll find it easier to relax and enjoy the moment. As well, you’re less inclined to try to make sense of diverging needs as you’re ready to accept them for what they are.


You’re getting into a more serious frame of mind today, dear Cancer, perhaps prompted by a small reality check or maybe a criticism this morning that reminds you to take care of business. A new perspective on your career or larger goals may inspire you to make some changes. Taking the path of least resistance today may be best to avoid stress since this day doesn’t find you at your most courageous. As well, getting some duties behind you can make you feel better all around. You are more aware of the impact you’re making today with the Moon now at the top of your solar chart sensitizing you to your performance and what others may be thinking. If this is done in moderation, this can be a useful checkpoint in the lunar month.


While there can be a morning hump to get over, likely related to responsibilities that emerge suddenly, dear Leo, this is a potentially flowing day for sharing, learning, and understanding. Sharing aesthetic pleasures, ideas, and tastes can promote bonding in a relationship. You’re likely to be in the mood for something non-routine or a just a tad adventurous today, as you prefer a bit of freeform or leeway for spontaneous discovery. The Moon is now in your solar ninth house for a couple of days, encouraging you to live your life more spiritedly.


This can be a good day for taking a step back, observing, and processing recent feelings, dear Virgo, with the Moon now a guest in your intimacy sector. This morning the Moon clashes with Saturn, and you may feel some pressure to be productive. However, it may be better to pull back from a situation in order to understand it better. AS the day advances, insecurities are less of a problem and guilt lessens. It’s quite appropriate and beneficial to explore your own feelings as well as fill your curiosity about others and their possible motivations now. Finding mutual interests may be an excellent way to smooth relationships over today. Research and analysis can turn up some gems.


While you may feel a little self-protective or burdened this morning, the day holds mostly easy, natural energy for one-on-one relationships and interactions, dear Libra. You tend to seek a different perspective or second opinion today rather than jump to conclusions and decisions. It can be a good day for drawing people to you without truly trying to do so. Your personal agenda may move to the back burner just for the time being as you focus on compromising and allowing others in your life the chance to shine. Helping out a partner, or simply listening more intently to their wishes and needs, is one key to success and fulfillment today.


Your sector of work and routine is not a very busy area of your solar chart these days, dear Scorpio, but with the Moon here now for the next couple of days, you can be anxious to take care of details. This Moon transit is brief but useful as it reminds you of the importance of getting the primary systems in your life into better shape. Aim to handle some chores. This morning, this Moon transit may seem to work against you as you notice all of the things that are NOT working up to par, but once over that hump, you’re more likely to see the value of this magnification of problem areas. Avoid unnecessary worry or frustration, and instead work on fixing problems, reorganizing, and otherwise tidying your life. Family or the desire to enjoy downtime can motivate you now.


You may be feeling the need for a little positive feedback, validation, or admiration from the people around you today, dear Sagittarius, with the Moon now in your solar fifth house for a couple of days. This morning, this may not be very easy to come by, but if you work on doing things that make you happy or focus on work and responsibilities, you’ll pass the time well. You are in the mood for some fun and creative expression, and if you can do something you enjoy, regardless of whether you’re able to share it with others, then you can go far now. Satisfaction comes from within, and if others can’t be counted on right now, this shouldn’t impact your life too much. As the day advances, communication eases and smooths out, and you find others more responsive and you enjoy yourself more easily.


You can benefit from tuning out distractions and finding some time to yourself today, dear Capricorn. Saturn in your sign clashes with the Moon in your family and home sector, and you may feel divided between doing something productive and settling in or sticking with the familiar. At this time of the lunar month, you’re finding comfort in familiar settings, and this is a natural phase. It’s not talked about as much as is stepping outside of your comfort zone, but self-comforting and taking moments to cocoon or feel safe are good for you in moderation. While you shouldn’t drop everything to do so, take an opportunity to recharge emotionally. As your connection to family, your feelings, and your stores of motivation strengthens, you can be far more effective without it. Creative power is, in fact, robust as the day advances.


Life seems to demand you turn your attention to many different matters today, dear Aquarius, and it’s best to embrace the idea of putting out feelers rather than focus too strictly on any one thing, project, or idea. This morning, you may not feel entirely up to the movement or busy pace of your life. However, as the day progresses, you see the value of gathering information from a variety of sources before pouring your energies into something particular. You’re now confidently reaching out to others in affectionate and creative ways as the Moon moves into harmony with Venus in your sign, and the day turns into a peaceful state of busy. You are drawn to interesting and smart people today — and they to you.


The Moon leaves your sign today, dear Pisces, and moves into your resources sector. This brief transit can have the effect of steadying your emotions, or you find it easier to set feelings aside to take care of the practical side of things. Even so, this can be a desirous phase of the lunar month when you’re inclined to notice what you have and what you don’t. This morning, any differences in values with a friend can be pronounced, or you may feel criticized or burdened. This minor clash can be annoying, but it might also motivate you to strengthen weak areas of your life. As the day progresses, it’s easy to get comfortable. Money and business sense are good, particularly if you avoid glossing over problem areas. Tune in to your intuition when it comes to finding ways to use your resources correctly.

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