How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When They Know They’ve F*cked Up

We’ve all majorly f*cked up before. We all make mistakes. But, what’s more important is that we learn from them and make amends for what we’ve done. Some signs are better at this than others; so we figured we’d discuss them!

Here’s how each sign acts when they know they’ve messed up, BIG TIME and need to apologize..

Aries: Aries are the kind of people who rush to the nearest florist, follow it up with a trip to the local bakery, and book a table at the most expensive restaurant to make up to their mistakes. However, they are also the kind who will get back to their tricks the moment the dinner is over. However, they are still one of the more stubborn signs. A less evolved Aries will often try to deflect the blame, or insist that the other person ‘had it coming’. Only life experiences and multiple setbacks will make them less apathetic in life.

Taurus: Taurus is definitely not the sort to apologise unless they know they’ve REALLY messed up. They don’t like to admit a mistake unless evidence and eyewitnesses back the claims. But should they be caught red-handed, they are also the kind to genuinely feel sorry and take drastic measures in order to make up for their blunders. Problem is, they can be slow learners when it comes to learning from their mistakes. They have the tendency to commit same mistakes again and again.. Especially when it comes to intimate relationships.

Gemini: If you can get a Gemini to admit their mistake, congrats! You have just done what many believe to be impossible. Geminis hold on steadfastly to their defence and even the most incriminating evidence won’t let them give into anything or anybody. They may not admit, but at the same time, they’re fast learners and they certainly won’t repeat the same mistake.

Cancer: Cancer is the quickest sign to apologize when they know they’ve f*cked up. “Sorry, I am really really sorry. Shucks, that was rude. Can I send you flowers ? Can I donate you my first-born ? Can I….” They will go to any extent to make up for their faults. You can trust that they are really sorry and that they are dying of guilt.
Most of them are crappy actors so you know they are genuine when they apologize.

Leo: Leos are the kind of people who can get away with murder. They are the victim blamers of the Zodiac. They are so charming and conniving that even when they admit their mistakes, they are completely capable of making the victim feel guilty for their own mistakes. They can use any theory including the ‘Law of Karma‘ to support victim’s suffering. If they do apologize, it’s usually an empty apology. Often times they lie while they’re apologizing, as they don’t want others to know their true intentions.

Virgo: Virgos are true blue control freaks. So if they realize they’ve made a mistake, they will first send a formal mail, or a text depending on how lazy they are. After they know the situation has cooled off, they will call and apologize. If that is not sufficient enough, they will even go as far as to throw you a party in your honor. Alternatively, they make excellent politicians and businessmen who can even use their own mistakes to their advantage in the long run. Yes, they are that clever.

Libra: If a Libra majorly messes up, they disappear like a ghost without a trace. Librans will simply go into the ‘Silent Zone‘ for the next few days if they know they did something they really shouldn’t have done. You may have to corner them, but they will of course try to make it up to you later when they sheepishly apologize. If a Libran chooses to repent, they really mean it.

Scorpio: Waiting on an apology from a Scorpio? Don’t hold your breath. Scorpios believe that there is no such thing as a mistake because everything happens for a reason. More often than not, they are confident they have never done anything wrong. Never expect a sincere apology from a scorpio. If you do manage to get an apology from a Scorpio, then you better brace yourself, because they probably think the world is about to end.

Sagittarius: In my humble opinion, Sag’s are the easiest to forgive out of all the zodiac signs. These folks are quick to admit a mistake and even faster when it comes to making up for it. They believe humans are fallible and the test of the human spirit lies in relenting and repenting. It is easy for them to learn from their mistakes because they know they are open to admitting their mistakes and care enough to actively work on fixing the damage they caused.

Capricorn: Somewhere, right this moment, a Capricorn you know is worrying about something they did wrong. It’s guaranteed. How do I know? Because they are the official worry-ers of the zodiac. They will apologise profusely, even if they haven’t actually done anything wrong. They can’t help it! They hate animosity, and they hate it even more when people are angry/upset with them. They will go out of their way to make sure things are made copacetic.

Aquarius: Aquarians RARELY apologize. When they actually say the word ‘sorry’ it must mean that things are in a sorry state of affairs for them. If they know they majorly f*cked up, they’re the ones that won’t say sorry right away, but will drunk text you an apology at 2 in the morning because they can’t get the situation out of their mind until they do. If you get one of those texts, try to keep the conversation short and to the point. They are too dramatic and will eventually look for sympathy even if it is their mistake.

Pisces: Pisceans are sweet people, except when it comes to admitting their wrong doings. They will get defensive and uptight and refuse to see reason even if it’s obvious to everyone else around them. Try not to force an apology out of them, because it won’t be heartfelt unless they finally realize they were in the wrong. It’s  is best to let them be and realize their mistakes at their leisure.


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